Current Curve Black cardholders: Subscriptions and Grandfathering

As most of you know, we are launching subscriptions and Curve Metal (UK). We are also adding new benefits for Curve Black. As a current Curve Black cardholder you will have access to both of them, with discounts.

We started this community to become closer with you. To get your perspective, opinions, and ideas. We received the feedback that you want the option of keeping your current Curve Black card benefits, without entering into subscriptions. The grandfathered tier will be called Black Legacy Card.

We listened, and we want you to know that this choice is now available to you.

Your Options

  • You will still have 3 months to trial the benefits of the new Curve Black. You don’t have to do anything beside updating the app when we launch subscriptions.
  • If you are not convinced after the 3 months’ trial, you will be able to keep your current “original” Black card (Black Legacy Card) with its benefit of unlimited fee-free foreign exchange, without paying any monthly subscriptions. (This option will not be available for customers registering for the new Curve Black after subscriptions is launched).
  • Please note that the Curve “original” Black (Black Legacy Card) tier will not have any Amex free top-up allowance or insurance benefits, as these are only being launched as part of the new Curve Black benefits.
  • For a limited period of time, you will also still have the choice of upgrading from your current Curve Black to Curve Metal and get 2 months for free, after you pay the 1st instalment.

Please note that if you upgrade to Metal you can’t go back to the original Curve Black (Black Legacy Card) and be grandfathered.

Beta Testers will be able try to the new Curve Black for 6 months for free or 4 months of Metal.

Grandfathering is when an old rule (Black Legacy Card) continue to apply to an existing situation (Black Legacy Card customers) while the new rule (new Curve Black) will apply to all future cases (new Curve Black cardholders). This means that your current benefits will be frozen as they are today and you don’t need to move over to subscription.

Current Curve Black cardholders will be given a grace period of 3 months with the new Curve Black or 2 months of Metal. Our Beta Testers have done a tremendous effort helping us become ready for launch and will be given 6 months with new Curve Black and 4 with Curve Metal.

We wanted to act swiftly based on your feedback suggesting the grandfathering option, which was added to the originally intended grace period. After weighing the customer and business impact of the grandfather option, we have decided to change the grace period duration to 3 months of new Curve Black and 2 with Metal. We sincerely hope that this will give you enough time to make an informed decision on whether you would like to continue with subscription or become grandfathered.


Thank you, Marie and the Curve team for listening.

And thank you to everyone in this community who voiced their concerns.

Edit: Not a complete win due to this:

Would a smaller allowance be possible?

Hopefully this will encourage some people to stay.


Grandfathering will mean freezing the payment model and the features (to the time) before we launch subscriptions with Amex.


Freezing as of when?

Us in the beta have had £1000 fee free, but the post says this will be gone?

That’s definitely correct, right?

Thanks again though!

Thanks for listening, Curve. It’s a shame the Amex allowance won’t make its way to the “grandfathered” Black tier, but I can’t fault you for that. Ultimately, that was only ever in the beta.

Just to clarify, as a current Black account holder, can I go back to “grandfathered” Black after trying the Metal tier for 6 months? I know you’ve stated you can go:

Old Black -> New Black 6 months -> Old Black

But can you also go:

Old Black -> Metal for 6 months -> Old Black?

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Or is it a special tier, that you will entirely loose when you move away from it?

Should we rename the old existing black cards then (at least in the forum :smiley: ) or even for the t&c?
I propose grey cards, seems grey is old, but the color is “close” to blacko, so like an old grey’ed out black card.


Love the idea, but want to keep the physical card Black please!

This sounds like good news!

Just wanted to clarify the term Freezing used means we can still use Amex, but just at a cost of 0.65% as the blue cards have. Correct?

Good question, I’ve updated the OP. If you upgrade to metal you cannot go back to the “original” Curve Black.


Can we try new Black for 6 months, then drop down to ‘old Black’/Grey?

Of course! Didn’t mean to issue new grey cards :wink: Just to refer to the old grandfathered cards as grey version so everyone know what we’re talking about when we say Black card

Effectively ‘like’ a Black Beta, where the Beta users (i.e. every Black user before x date) maintain their benefits and fee-free, but new regular Black users have a slightly different offering at £9.99/m

I’m new to the party, but it sounds like a similar thing to people who got (and still have) the original rewards program, but they are still just regular Blue or Black cardholders.

NB: Black Beta may have already been a thing before Black, newbie alert here…

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I’m looking through the Curve Black benefits. And noticed something.

Other than:

  • The £400 vs £200 atm limit.
  • Unlimited 0% currency exchange
  • Tumi Wallet
  • Black Physical Card
  • Better introductory offer

What other Black benefits are there?

Now with the Amex fees being removed, what do we actually get?

Please note: This is a genuine question, not a complaint.


Great response from your team, Marie. Thanks for listening and responding so positively. :grin::+1:


I believe it also comes with higher spending limits (although only marginally so). Otherwise, that’s it I think.

Your list pretty much sums it up, which to me sounds a reasonable differentiation for a one-off fee.

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Agreed, just wanted to know the benefits we have vs Blue or ‘New Black’.

Hello Marie,
many thanks.
That is a fair model.

That’s the problem I’ve always had trying the justify the ‘Curve Black’ to myself - even the old ‘£50 one-off with a free wallet’ was very difficult to justify, but £10/pm for 0% currency exchange (get that with Monzo and others anyway and which I’ve used twice), a wallet (I already have a reasonable wallet that doesn’t cost me a monthly fee) and an increased ATM limit (I’ve pulled £60 out of the ATM in the last year so not a problem), it’s hard to see the ‘value add’ provided on Black vs ‘Blue’ :frowning: