Current Curve Black cardholders: Subscriptions and Grandfathering

Will do my very best to catch all the questions today and find answered to them the upcoming days. You can find the living document here: January Launch FAQs


Yep, received the email and thanks.

Do you have a plan to have threads for us to report ongoing bugs with the release version on iOS and Android?

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I’m a legacy Curve Black holder and beta tester. If I upgrade to Metal I can get 4 months free, but does anyone know if there is any way to apply these 4 free months to the annual (single payment) cost? Or am I forced to take the more expensive pay monthly option?

Yes, you can get the annual subscription, but you will initially have to pay the £150 for annual subscription. You will then have to contact and the will refund 2 months worth of subscription to you.

Sorry for the cumbersome process, but it is rather the exception than the rule (only beta users get 4 months for free) and you get 2 months for free on top of the two free months that you get for taking theb annual subscription. :wink:

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Thanks Tobias. So to clarify, I am a beta tester. On that basis do I receive a two month or a four month refund against the £150?

There’s a section for Beta testers here: January Launch FAQs

Please join the topic Bug Report - iOS v.3.0.1 / Bug Reports - Android v.2.1.1

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Good plan, Marie.

It’ll be handy as the list of questions begins to grow, to sort them into logical groups where possible eg.,
Card colour,
Amex stuff,
Grandfathering outcomes etc

  • hopefully that’ll limit the need for unnecessary questions later…:roll_eyes:

Does Curve not claim to have 300,000 customers? If each tops up to Amex £1,000 that is £300,000,000 no? Neither Curve nor Wirecard (German passported under EU rules) has a banking licence. @Curve_Marie @Lucas @james3uk

Wirecard does have a banking license

Is there any way I can verify that I’m still under the old grandfathered Curve Black?

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No, it has an e-money licence not a banking licence: Hence, there is no FSCS coverage. They are supposed to segregate client funds, but that is different.

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It should be in the bottom of the announcement email we send out with instructions on how it all works.

Can you clarify please @Curve_Marie I don’t see any instructions on how to verify my grandfathered tier.


@Curve_Marie I upgraded to Metal before the grandfathering system was announced (like 2 days before, and should be easy to verify). I would NOT have done so if I had known the grandfathering option would be available. From your update it seems I have 2 months to do so, how do I go about this?

No, they have an e-money license in the UK but a full banking license in Germany

Correct, Wirecard Bank AG has a full banking license since 2006

These insurances on travel and on gadgets are not available in my country in Europe, but the price remains the same -> 9,99€ /month! The “new subscription” for the black card still costs the same price even witout these insurances. I do not see the point why I shouldnt keep the Black Legacy Card without paying any monthly subscriptions. Or do i miss something here?

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When you upgraded to Metal there is no way back to Curve Legacy black.

There is a lot of information and it is a bit confusing. Just to make sure:

If I was Black user prior to 27 January:

  1. I will be moved to the new Black automatically.
  2. I have 3 months (or 6, if I was part of beta) to opt in for the grandfathering tier
  3. I will be notified about this before the respective window lapses
  4. If I decide to move to the Metal tier, I have 2 months (or 4 if I was part of beta) for free
  5. If I decide to move to Metal, there is no way back to the “Legacy Black”.

Is my understanding correct?

This is a shame, you do not let current users try the highest tier, or at the very least offer this to the Beta testers. While I would like to test the metal tier and most likely would stay on that tier, not being able to do so without a fallback option makes me reluctant to do so. Perhaps this is something to reconsider?