Current Curve Black cardholders: Subscriptions and Grandfathering

You might want to re-write this @Curve_Marie as it reads like you can be grandfathered after trying New Curve Black or Curve Metal but at the same time above this, you state:

“Please note that if you upgrade to Metal you can’t go back to the original Curve Black (Black Legacy Card) and be grandfathered.”

Tad confusing…which one is it…as far as I can gather there is no 2 month grace period for metal, just a trial 2 months after which your off to blue or New Black?

That’s ok I understand. :+1:

You should have or will get an email that will state the following:

The Curve Amex Closed Beta has officially ended!

Many thanks for your testing and feedback in the past few months. We couldn’t have done it without you.

As a Curve Beta tester you will have a longer trial period of the new Curve Black benefits (6 months instead of 3 for any other Curve Black cardholder), and you will still be able to revert to your Curve Black Legacy card benefits if you so wish. It’s our small token of appreciation.

So the longer trial period is for beta testers that we want to thank for helping us.

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Thanks for clarifying, received the general one before receiving the beta test one. Thanks!

Will do my very best to catch all the questions today and find answered to them the upcoming days. You can find the living document here: January Launch FAQs


Yep, received the email and thanks.

Do you have a plan to have threads for us to report ongoing bugs with the release version on iOS and Android?

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I’m a legacy Curve Black holder and beta tester. If I upgrade to Metal I can get 4 months free, but does anyone know if there is any way to apply these 4 free months to the annual (single payment) cost? Or am I forced to take the more expensive pay monthly option?

Yes, you can get the annual subscription, but you will initially have to pay the £150 for annual subscription. You will then have to contact and the will refund 2 months worth of subscription to you.

Sorry for the cumbersome process, but it is rather the exception than the rule (only beta users get 4 months for free) and you get 2 months for free on top of the two free months that you get for taking theb annual subscription. :wink:

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Thanks Tobias. So to clarify, I am a beta tester. On that basis do I receive a two month or a four month refund against the £150?

There’s a section for Beta testers here: January Launch FAQs

Please join the topic Bug Report - iOS v.3.0.1 / Bug Reports - Android v.2.1.1

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Good plan, Marie.

It’ll be handy as the list of questions begins to grow, to sort them into logical groups where possible eg.,
Card colour,
Amex stuff,
Grandfathering outcomes etc

  • hopefully that’ll limit the need for unnecessary questions later…:roll_eyes:

Does Curve not claim to have 300,000 customers? If each tops up to Amex £1,000 that is £300,000,000 no? Neither Curve nor Wirecard (German passported under EU rules) has a banking licence. @Curve_Marie @Lucas @james3uk

Wirecard does have a banking license

Is there any way I can verify that I’m still under the old grandfathered Curve Black?

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No, it has an e-money licence not a banking licence: Hence, there is no FSCS coverage. They are supposed to segregate client funds, but that is different.

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It should be in the bottom of the announcement email we send out with instructions on how it all works.

Can you clarify please @Curve_Marie I don’t see any instructions on how to verify my grandfathered tier.


@Curve_Marie I upgraded to Metal before the grandfathering system was announced (like 2 days before, and should be easy to verify). I would NOT have done so if I had known the grandfathering option would be available. From your update it seems I have 2 months to do so, how do I go about this?

No, they have an e-money license in the UK but a full banking license in Germany