Current Curve Black cardholders: Subscriptions and Grandfathering

Hi Richy, thanks for your query. Besides the benefits that you mention, the new Curve Black will have a fee-free top-up allowance for your Amex use, and insurance on travel and gadgets. Any of these alone is quite a worthwhile addition.

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You’ll still be able to use Amex with Curve (Grey), just not for free.

Yes, you can!

You’ll keep your Black card unless you downgrade to Blue. So I guess it can literally become a grey card :thinking:

Yes, that’s correct.

Looks correct. You’ll also be able to use Amex, but not for free :slight_smile:

The foreign spend differs (Blue vs Black), however, the overall spend limit is not dependent on which card you have.


I think you’re confusing two different tiers here. Remember that what @dan_baker was describing is the Blue tier versus the old Black tier. Clearly those differences listed were worth £50 to a lot of people hence there are so many Black users currently. Amex allowance was never part of that until the recent beta.

The new Black now being £10/month brings additional benefits to the ones already part of the old Black tier. Most prominently (for me anyway) being the £1000/month Amex allowance. It also includes some insurance - you will need to refer to the original announcement of this subscription for details.


0.65% on any top-up? No reduced allowance monthly?

Is that correct?

Good to read this.
Is not my preferred scenario though (Amex chargeable…) but at least I can keep my current Premium Black perks and status.
Excellent usage of this community by Curve.


Agreed. Not perfect due to the Amex charges, but glad they listened. I’m sure this will make a lot of people happy.

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Well you can’t have all, the new premium features for new black card and keep the pricing of the grey card :wink:
Its either this or that :slight_smile:


Exactly, can’t have your cake and eat it!

Well done Curve for listening, and well done to the community for making our feelings known - being a Curve user since early 2016, this is something I have raised a number of times in the days and weeks before the community existed and although the Amex fee makes it not worth adding Amex, I’m happy with the status quo of “old” black (or Grey?).

I just hope that Curve can innovate with offerings beyond the usual insurance etc - believe me I am willing to subscribe if you give me a reason to (hint: think platform integrations or software features, not insurance and vanity cards!).


@dan_baker In my book we could not have asked for free amex support, that would not have been correct either.


I agress,
AmEx support is clearly a new feature. It wouldn’t surprise me if AmEx wouldnt even be working on Grey card since it was not part of the original deal when signing up for 50GBP.
So they give us the AmEx benefit of the new blue card already for us grey users, which is great :slight_smile:


And beside, the other option was downgrade to Curve Blue and lose all these benefits. So it’s definitely a ‘win’ for everyone.

On that note: You can now vote on your favourite ideas posted on the forum! Please make sure your idea covered in there if it’s not already on the roadmap :slight_smile:

I really have to give Curve huge props for listening and to say the proposed solution is fair for everyone and it’s what makes more sense.

I hope the new black and metal tiers keep adding features and maybe in the future will make sense for me to upgrade to them however, as it stands, I already have all the insurances needed from my other cards and there are no amex cards here in Portugal, so I can’t use any of the amex functionality even if I wanted to.

I would have to downgrade to blue, losing current benefits as the new black wouldn’t make sense for me as it currently stands


This is great news. Thank you to @Curve_Marie and @Curve_Alejandro for listening to people’s concerns. It would have been easy to say “we’re listening” but then just continue on with previous plans, so props to you for actioning it.

Edit: As far as an amex allowance goes - that is not something people were promised when they paid the £50 originally, so I think it’s reasonable that it’s not grandfathered in.


By the way, I think this is a good example of why having a closed group for beta testers is not the best idea. Had people not ‘leaked’ the original plans against Curve’s wishes, this feedback wouldn’t have been received until too late. You’ve clearly got a passionate community here - make the most of it :slight_smile:


Additionally in this situation it was an “amex beta”, meaning the people participating are the ones most interested in the new amex support

This is great news @Curve_Marie & the curve team. Thanks for listening and look forward to contributing more to the development of future developments


thank you for listening, and thanks for give us a fair choice!

Will we be able to delay the start of the 6 month trial of ‘new’ Curve Black? I would like to start it a later date of my choosing.