Current Curve Black cardholders: Subscriptions and Grandfathering

What other Black benefits are there?
You have received 90 days of 1% cashback at 6 rather than 3 retailers when you originally signed up.

@Curve_Marie is being able to downgrade from metal to the original black tier something the team would reconsider?

I’m considering trying the metal tier but I wouldn’t be comfortable doing it if I couldn’t go back to the original black

To be clear, will you get this if you upgrade to black/metal now? Because here: it says that this is “for 90 days since activating your first Curve card.” So if I’ve had a curve card for a while and I upgrade to metal, I won’t benefit from this at all? Doesn’t bother me, just clarifying :slight_smile:

You are correct, you only get it once. :slight_smile:

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I think it is a great idea, it gives us the option to listen to these passionate people and gather valuable feedback. Changing a company’s business model is not done as a spur of a moment thing, many hours have gone into the planning and into building this, but while doing so we have to make assumptions and it is great to see that we have users that care so much about what we create.

To me personally and I think I can speak for the rest of the team it is great motivation, please keep sharing your opinions!


Yep. Well done Curve and well done forum :grin:

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I’d rather say we should be more open and transparent about the plans, so we don’t need anyone to leak anything. :wink:


Spot on, @curve_tobias :grin:


Tbh as a “Old Black” user, I’m not 100% happy with that.

You always said that the beta was a technical beta test, so I - perhaps wrongly - assumed that the fees would have made it to the final product.

I signed up for the black card because of the allowance, which now you are removing for the final release unless we migrate to the subscription model.

You should’ve been more clear in your comms, perhaps just stating that the fees were likely to change in the final product.

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Superb response, team - really pleased to see such a pragmatic and sensible solution. For the headaches it must have caused over the past few weeks I wonder if you were wishing you hadn’t set up the Community @Curve.Marie :wink: but realistically much better to get this feedback, discuss it thoroughly and then come up with a sensible solution like this. It’s certainly one way to increase traffic and engagement with the community :smiley:

I think the point re more general release of info is well made too. I’ve no issue with beta NDAs, but this was a much bigger a more strategic issue and I think it therefore made sense to have a wider discussion.

I’ve no issue with having to pay the 0.65% for Amex topup, it wasn’t in the original Black offering so I think that’s totally fair.

Thanks again for listening, I can now move on to the next Android beta safe in the knowledge I can downgrade at the end of the free trial.


Thanks for listening to us. Not many companies do listen to their customers until it’s too late.


Just a follow up question, what about those who signed-up with the legacy reward programme, where you get 3% cashback on selected retailers? Do we get to keep this? @Curve_Marie

Thanks :slight_smile:


I’d like to know that too

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Thank you for listening Curve team! As a recent Curve Black customer, this is music to my ears.

This was a great business decision and will certainly not go unnoticed by your loyal customers. I can guarantee this positive news will result in more referrals :slight_smile:


I know everyone saying Amex should not be a grandfathered benefit. I’m sorry but I disagree. When I took out my curve card Amex could be added and used like any other card. I was a very early adopter and am still on the old rewards scheme.


You bring up a very good point but I would give some merit to Curve on that decision. They had to implement this weird top up wallet for amex use and it’s not the same exact functionality as before, and you can still use it, paying a fee

Koodos to curve for listening. I never use amex and only paid the £50 for the better foreign exchange. I agree you can’t keep everyone happy.

But this was a mistake. You should have left it to the membership to decide. If the product is so good then let us decide not forced. The blue cards gave you nothing and we gave you £50 but yet we were to get shafted.

So well done marie.

Who knows maybe metal will be worth it. Will you do yearly fees like revolut?

I would have liked to have been but sadly they were iOS only for months and Amex functionality had gone by time of launch on Android!

Agreed, the product is great - and still unique in the marketplace - but we shouldn’t expect Curve to develop their service purely according to this forum. Sure, it should listen, and it certainly grasped the issues around subscription very quickly and changed direction.

That, I’d suggest, is a rarity. The forum is, after all, a tiny proportion of the customer base.

But on this occasion, the popular vote was heeded - probably because it was acknowledged there was definitely a better way. Other issues won’t be so clear-cut.

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Appreciate the changes announced here. Though confused how @Graham can close my own topic discussing my issues with the curve black subscription programme. Bit harsh I think given no link is given to the fresh topic/announcement here.

It was simply closed by @Curve_Marie at the instruction of a random forum member :confused: