Current List of Unsupported Transactions (as of 7/16)

This is the list as of 7/16/22

  • Airlines
  • Gift cards
  • Real estate
  • Online subscription
  • Casino
  • Hotels

If you attempt to use Curve at any merchant that may code their purchases as one of the above categories, then your transaction will go to the credit line. If the credit line is not sufficient, it will just decline the transaction.

If you receive a different list from Support (if they even give it to you) please send me a message and I will update this list.

Added hotels to list based off of this: Does the Credit Limit Apply to AIO Transactions? - #3 by PaulieMyk


I find it pretty absurd that this has to be a thing. But thanks for doing it!

What gets me is that they don’t tell you. A lot of the categories on this list have been on it for over a month. I can’t believe they don’t think this information isn’t important for beta testers.

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Totally agree.

I wish there was an actual, formalized beta program, run on a platform like Centercode, where issues could be tracked. I’m not confident that anything we post here actually makes it to the proper places.

I am currently in the UK visiting family and every transaction is declined via  Pay or with the card. Didn’t even default to Curve Credit. From Coffee Shop to newsagent to Hotel … I guess the latter is explained by this list but maybe every foreign transaction is declined too.
Which is weird because I’ve made foreign currency online payments whilst in the US maybe a location thing.

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