Current support times?

Just curious as to how long I should be expected to wait for support at the moment? I’ve got duplicate charges on my card, and right before Christmas is not ideal time as they’re not small transactions. Trying not to sound like I’m having a go, but previous support cases were answered within hours, now it’s something more serious there’s zero response. Is this typical for someone who’s subscribed to Metal?

Lots of threads about speed of customer service response at the moment, one of the curve agents recently posted on here that the turnaround time for a response is 48 hours.

Hey @Alex4 unfortunately our support team are getting a lot of messages at the moment so they’re taking a bit longer to reply. I gave more info on this here - Response Time

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Hi Hannah - but is 48h still the target as mentioned by Kandice a couple of weeks ago?

Is there a phone number to use for support? It’s getting stupid that I haven’t even received an acknowledgement that I’ve logged a ticket, never mind someone to investigate the issue. I’ve been charged multiple times for the same transaction, and there is ZERO feedback from Curve. If this is how it’s going to be, my card’s going through a band-saw along with my subscription.

If there’s an urgent issue then the advice is to call the number on the back of your card.