Currently can't 'Go Back in Time' on Foreign currency transaction

Issue: (one-sentence summary)
Currently can’t ‘Go Back in Time’ on Foreign currency transaction

How to reproduce it:
Pay for something in foreign currency on a card and attempt to ‘Go Back in Time’ to a different card.


Pixel 2 XL

App version:


What ‘combination’ are you trying? Not all ‘combinations’ are possible.

You can move transactions in different currencies to a card which has the same currency as either the original funding card or the currency originally billed for that transaction.

The message you are seeing is the exact same message that I get when I try an unallowed GBiT ‘combination’.

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Was a couple of USD transactions to a GBP card moving to another GBP card. Retried this morning and they both worked. Perhaps some gremlins in the system over the weekend…? Marking as issue closed.

I noticed you can only GBIT to a card which has the same currency as the currency of the transaction (USD in your case) while the transaction is in Pending status.

You need to wait till the transaction is settled, then you will have both options, i.e. in your case GBIT to USD as well as GBP cards.

Probably this is what happened in your case too.

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