Curve 2.45.1 Beta for Android | New Feature to Test - Balance

Hey! :wave:

We have an exciting new feature on Android, and need you to help us test it! :rocket:

If you’re a beta tester and have a UK bank account, you can’t miss this new version with a hot new feature. You will now be able to connect the accounts to Curve using Open Banking to see your Balance across all your accounts, at a glance, all within Curve. No more jumping between apps to know how much you got on your account, just open Curve, check your balance and pay with confidence.

How to connect my accounts?

You will need to be a Beta tester and have the latest version of the app (2.45.1).

Then, just open your Curve app, go to “My money” (bottom right), tap on “Balances” and connect your accounts!

How can I give feedback?

You can post your feedback in this thread. Please try to connect all your UK accounts and test the feature extensively. Would be great if you could tell us:

  • Which bank accounts you tried to add
  • Report any bank account you weren’t able to successfully connect/ encountered any issues
  • Overall experience connecting your bank accounts
  • How accurate was the data represented within the Balances tab

When reporting an issue, please:

  • Check whether it is already reported in the list below
  • Provide a screenshot and short description
  • Provide details on how we can reproduce it
  • Let us know which OS, device and app version you have installed

Reminder to please not share this out of the community. You are getting early access, and we don’t want to spoil the surprise for other curve customers.

Thanks all! Your feedback is essential for us to keep improving this feature!


Well, I can only say that the UI looks neat, but as I’m not from the UK I don’t have any of the currently-supported accounts so I’m unable to test further :smiley:

Waiting until other EU accounts are supported (BBVA UK branch is already supported, so the mother company shouldn’t be hard :wink:).

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Will i also be able to transfer money around my account?

AmEx says already expired after a day.
Also my balance is rounded to the next €/$/£
Any plans to show the transactions as well, or just total balance?

Tap on balances? What balances?

Hey @patrice58 ,

You should navigate to the “My Money” section (bottom navigation tab), and should be able sections on the top, “Insights” and “Balances”

Which app version do you have currently?

Hi @Lucas,

Following your questions:

  1. This is a known issue that happened with other banks too, but out of our control. We are pushing so that the right people can solve this.
  2. That was actually a decision from us, but still iterating on this one. I can see you find weird?
  3. Yep, that’s definitely the plan, but first, we want to have a solid foundation on this feature. We will explore this in the future.

Hi @hup, it’s a great idea and something to consider for sure, but this isn’t in our plans for these first iterations.

For me it seems weird to have my balances rounded, never seen it anywhere else.
If you can see already problems with basic integration with the partner for pulling balances (status expired), it most likely will only multiply the more complex it gets.
Wouldn’t it make more sense then to go with a openbanking partner with more functionalities and less bugs?

But I also have a very pessimistic view on this.
For me there would be no reason whatsoever to switch from Outbank to any other app, since Outbank works flawlessly and supports every single bank and credit card company (even without an underlying card) that I use, it shows balances, all transactions, I’m able to make transfers (supports push-TAN), budgeting, insights, stock portfolios,…

They’re several years ahead of any other competitors so to me it seems like a lost cause trying to be better /offer something new than them.

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2.45.1 I don’t see any Insights and Balances…

Currently, we have this feature just enabled for Beta users. Please, could you double-check in the Google Play Store if you are still a Beta tester?

i hope this function will be soon available for polish banks xD

You’ve probably tried this, but still going to ask, have you tried to restart the app? Since this is under a feature flag, if it can’t fetch it the first time it will hide this feature by default.

I’ve tried it but it’s stil not available to me for some reason.

Not seeing any option to select beta tester on Google play store? Anything I can do as would like to try this.

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I am from CZ, nevertheless I can link all my Revolut sub-accounts and the Paypal EUR account (not sure what my PP primary currency is).

Firstly… Why? I really don’t understand why this is a feature? It’s like everyone at Curve sees all the complaints about poor customer services, broken features - really simple things like “why do partial refunds replace transactions with positives, thus screwing up the transaction logs?” and they think… No. We will not fix our mess. Instead, we will launch yet another new half-baked feature that no one asked for and isn’t useful.

Secondly… Why only bank accounts? How many Curve users use debit cards tied to bank accounts as their main card(s)? One of the selling points of Curve is to use an underlying credit card, while it pretends to be a debit card. Surely this feature is only useful if you can have the credit card balance for each card you use?

Thirdly… The integration didn’t work for me first time. It took me back to a screen that said I needed to add an account. So I added it again and found myself with two of everything.

And finally… Why only rounded balances? If the idea is to (as advertised) stop you from having to open another app, you’re going to need to show all transactions, show balances in things like “spaces” in Starling and be able to make payments to payees. Otherwise, I have to open to Curve app, to see the balance, then open my bank app to do anything else. I’d just open my bank app and save the hassle.

Sorry guys. I know you’re excited about a new feature. But… As someone who really loves Curve… Please, please, stop adding more broken bits on to a broken foundation. Get the basics solid first. Come up with some new comprehensive features. Then, and only then, start building the new features. This “ooh shiny” approach to development is weakening my trust in Curve’s future.


I see that available founds are not correct.
In revolut i have PLN 65,61 and in Curve i see PLN 66