Curve 2.45.1 Beta for Android | New Feature to Test - Balance

I have to agree with @rich wholeheartedly. I understand Curve have to continue development of new features to increase their user base however existing users are suffering from multiple issues such as those mentioned. Bug fixing and customer support seem to be taking a back seat at the moment and it’s very frustrating to have problems with the current product which need fixing first before adding more bells and whistles. Prioritise a reliable service first.


@jmark.stevenson @rich Thank you for the feedback. Rest assured these issues aren’t going unnoticed and that the team has been working on these and will keep doing so going into 2021!

Credit cards are supported with this feature. Could you let me know which ones you’d like to connect?

This is the very first step we are taking towards a much more ambitious set of functionalities. Watch this space! :pray:

Thanks @RomainLefebvre

I think the issue may be that it wasn’t clear that you could search for more. I’ve found most providers on there now. The only issues are:

  • Creation doesn’t work, just takes you to an application error page
  • MBNA just takes you to the MBNA app and does nothing
  • Nationwide takes you to the Nationwide app, and then shows and error
  • Although Monzo brings in “pots”, Starling doesn’t bring in “spaces”

The provider missing for me is Capital On Tap. But… technically that’s a business card, and a pretty edge, edge case - so it would have been more of a suprise if it had been there!

To be fair to you all… Not as bad as I thought. But still not quite there, or, at all useful :man_shrugging:

What’s the ETA on partial refunds not replacing the original transaction with a positive amount? If you’re looking at importing balances… you could at least get your own balances correct first, right?

Completely agree with @rich, why do you guys come up with some useless feature, when you don’t even resolve a bunch of issues that are already in place? If I wanna check my balance, ill do it via my banks app, simple!

This is obviously to attract more customers and see how innovative Curve is but this will just backfire!

People will come in with higher expectations about this service but when in reality, they’ll just end up with a product that’s only 50% (properly) functional, while the other 50% is full of bugs to resolve, poor customer service/response, unwanted transactions, poor refunds service, screwed transaction logs, wrong transactions amount etc etc etc!

In my honest opinion, you should first fix all the current issues we already have and then start implementing new features!


I also fully agree with this. I’ve been asking for a timeline fix for over 9 months now. Instead having a timeline that displays correct transactions and amounts, we saw many new features. I understand that it’s part of the business to come up with new innovations, but you need to stay true to your basics. A dev who works on a new feature (open banking, loyalty cards,…) is 1 dev less who could work on showing correct refund amounts.


Does not work for me. I keep getting “Click to continue” when trying to add and account and nothing happens.

I have to agree, for not only the reasons you give, but because I have this feature elsewhere (the Barclays UK app for anyone interested) and have a fair idea of how it’s actually supposed to work - e.g. Showing balances correctly not rounded off.

Hi @nick69g which version do you have?

Latest Android version.

I have several current accounts and lots of credit cards (I like to collect them):

  • 2 x HSBC Premier current accounts

    • Works fine but balance rounded
  • Revolut in several currencies

    • Shows Revolut icon and “Debit CurrentAccount xxxx”
    • Doesn’t show my savings Vault or other investments (Revolut issue I think)
    • Shows each currency correctly
  • Virgin Money credit card

    • Shows Virgin logo and name “Credit CreditCard xxxx”.
    • Shows the available credit as a positive value, not the actual card balance
  • Tesco credit card

    • Shows white icon and name “Credit CreditCard xxxx”.
    • If I tap on the balance entry, it says “Tesco (UK)” at the top of the screen. The text is white except for the last “)”, which is red
    • Shows my current card balance (money owed) as a positive value
  • Barclaycard

    • Icon is white and name says “Credit CreditCard xxxx”
    • If I tap on the balance entry it shows “Barclaycard (UK) - Mobile Banking: Personal” at the top of the screen
    • Shows my current card balance (money owed) as a positive value
  • Halifax credit card

    • Shows Halifax Logo and “Credit CreditCard xxxx” and
    • Shows my balance (this card is in £1 credit) as a positive value. I don’t think it has any way of differentiating between positive and negative balances
  • Amazon New Day credit card

    • Icon is white and name says “Amazon Mastercard - Newday”
    • If I tap on the balance entry it shows “Amazon Mastercard Newday” at the top of the screen, but there is a black dot obscuring the right hand side of text so I can only see “Ne” in “Newday”
    • Shows my balance (currently zero so no other information available)
  • M&S Bank credit card

    • Icon is white and name says “M&S Bank Credit CreditCard 6…”
    • If I tap on the balance entry it shows ""M&S Bank " at the top of the screen with a black circle icon to the left of the text
    • Shows my balance (currently zero so no other information available)

Other feedback:

  • Balances are always rounded to nearest whole unit
  • No apparent differentiation between positive and negative balances
  • No attribution between cards loaded in Curve and balances - this would make the Plaid integration truly useful if I could associate a balance with an actual card. Even better would be to switch to another card if a particular card had insufficient funds to complete a transaction
  • No indication (or consistency) of if a balance is available credit (from my credit limit), credit balance (money owed on a credit card), positive or negative deposit balance, etc
  • It might actually be better to integrate with a financial aggregator like Money Dashboard. I have a proliferation of Open Banking API connections from each of my accounts to several app-specific integrations which card vendors, etc have attempted to provide some form of financial aggregation. They all offer less features than Money Dashboard, and the connections expire after a time which means I have to go into each connection in each app and refresh it. Rather than having unique integrations for each platform, it would be better to integrate with another financial aggregator who owns the API connections, where I can set up rules, etc.

I am a senior architect with a strong financial background and an interest in Fintech, and I am happy to provide more help and testing support if required


In latest Android Beta (2.46.2) When i click on: Account - Settings - Payment with Friends -> Learn More the whole app is frozen.

Thanks a lot @leon_funnell for that extensive feedback. Your analysis of various credit balances is super valuable! We’ll make sure to look into this to bring some much needed clarity and consistency. As for some of your suggestions: keep an eye out. There will be more to come! :slight_smile:

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My bank balance is not updating on the curve app and it won’t let me add other banks to view balances.