Curve 2.54.1 Android Beta

Hey friends :wave:

Android Curve 2.54.1 was just released to beta users! :rocket:

We’ve got a new feature for those testing Open Banking: from now you will be able to see the balance of all your linked cards in the wallet!

To link a card you can use Connection Management Screen:

Also, once a connection has been successfully added, and if you have eligible accounts without unlinked funding cards, the new screen will be shown and you can link your cards from there:

Note: Open Banking (balances tab) is only enabled for GB users for now (just for now… sorry)

We use Feature Flags , which means some of you might be able to access functions that aren’t listed above. They might disappear again while we work on them some more. :ghost:

We appreciate all your help and feedback on bugs so we can deliver the best possible experience. Our product team is actively participating in this topic to incorporate your feedback.

When reporting a bug, please:

  • Check whether it is already reported in the list below
  • Provide a screenshot and short description
  • Provide details on how we can reproduce it
  • Let us know which OS, device and app version you have installed

Awesome :grin::+1: been waiting for this to come to Android :grin:

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