Curve 3.4.6 (7605) is ready to test on iOS


I got this notification today, and I updated the app, according to the mail there are a number of new features, some of them I understand should be visible, but actually I don’t see any change at all.

Just in case I forced the close of the app, I even logged off and in again, but nothing. No apparent change. Is that normal? Should not I see anything? I mean, the news for the release that I understand that would be visible are:


  • New account view. --> I see it as always
  • Added ‘View Card PIN’ cell to the account view. --> I cannot see it


  • Updated to new Curve Send notification view design. --> cannot see any change


  • Shows p2p edit transaction the same colour as refund (green) --> how should be? I see them blue

Am I doing something wrong?

Jesus M

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Don’t worry the same here too
I think they have to fix it from their side

In my Curve app now I have to activate any single card I had by writing the last four digits; but a message displays stating that the digits are incorrect. Summarizing >>>> right now the app can’t be used at all.

Yeah noticed the same issue, I’ve seen this occur before and it usually gets fixed during the day.

Idem for me.
I wrote to the support team about the issue this morning. They are analysing :slight_smile:

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Sorry to hear that you didn’t get to see the new account view. Sometimes feature flags that we use get cached and users don’t see new features straight away. I just updated the settings, can you please try again when you have time? Please force close the app and reopen.
Thanks for your contribution to our Beta program!


Much better now, thanks!

Yup, it seems to be working now

Thank you for the update.
Now I can see the new layout but the issue is still present. Moreover the layout of the metal card disappeared


I came to write the same about the update, so pleased to see it wasn’t just me. I will admit I’ve followed your steps @Magda and still see no difference, especially the new account view? Mine looks exactly the same! (Although May just be me as I’ve not been using for a few weeks from not being out the house!) thanks.

Hey @surfinwaikiki, to activate Curve card you need to type in the 4 digits of the Curve Card that came in the mail, not any card that you have in the Curve wallet.
Let me know if that helped!

In the mail? In which mail? I have the same curve card for … 17 months

@surfinwaikiki The activate card option on the Curve app is to activate a new curve card. Since you already have one, you won’t need to use this option. If you’re looking to add a new debit/credit card you can follow the in-app instructions within the “Wallet” section (You should see a card icon on the top right)

Hope that helps, let us know if you need any assistance.

Dear @jayeshr, thank you for the instructions. I know well how to add new cards. I am a heavy user of Curve since 2018.
The problem I have, is that the cards I had previously operative in the app NOW I have to activate them again; and when I am trying to do that following instructions of the app -by writing the last four digits of the cards- an error message follows. So I actually cant add ANY of my cards, and this makes the app useless… I hope it makes sense what I am trying to say…

Ah I misunderstood - so you’re being asked to re-activate your existing debit/credit cards within the app? Can you post a screenshot of the error?

I still notice no difference on the account screen nor the notifications ? What difference am I supposed to be seeing?

@surfinwaikiki @Kyguerra
We identified the issue as a bug - we are working on a fix for it. We hope to get it out to Beta testers tomorrow at the latest.
In the meantime, you can download the latest AppStore version to be able to use your Curve card.
Thanks for your help!


Hello @Magda,
I have the same issue. I don’t see the “New account view”. I tried to perform a forced close and reopen… But still, I don’t see anything.

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Yeah I’m the same, I can’t see it after force closing the app and re-opening.

I had to delete the app and reinstall from TestFlight for it to appear, working now though!