Curve 3.4.6 (7733) for iOS

New release, and for me it is apparently a step back. I cannot see any longer the new account view, for example.

Is it a new problem with the configuration or is it that Curve had to roll back the changes?


Same for me, old account view.
But the wallet is now working

@JesusM @Kyguerra Sorry to hear this. The settings were updated earlier so now the newer account view should appear for you again.You may need to force close and reopen the app.
I hope that helps!

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Good work! :slight_smile:
Now I can see the new account view and the wallet works. I still have the red dot on wallet, but I know it’s related to the new card that was shipped and need to be activate.

Thank you!


Yes, it’s working for me too now.


Reorder underlying cards doesn’t work on iOS 13.3.1

It’s working for me (13.4.1) but I don’t remember needing to “edit” in previous releases, the option was directly there I think, and now you need to click on “edit”. Or am I wrong? Not sure

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I guess you’re right. It works now after clicking the ‘edit’ button

I’m on the latest TF version and my account tab isn’t showing up either, I’ve tried force closing the app but still getting the same screen.