Curve 3.5.22 Beta for iOS | New Feature to Test - Balance

Hey! :wave:

We have an exciting new feature on iOS, and need you to help us test it! :rocket:

If you’re a beta tester and have a UK bank account, you can’t miss this new version with a hot new feature. You will now be able to connect the accounts to Curve using Open Banking to see your Balance across all your accounts, at a glance, all within Curve. No more jumping between apps to know how much you got on your account, just open Curve, check your balance and pay with confidence.

How to connect my accounts?

You will need to be a Beta tester and have the latest version of the app (3.5.22).

Then, just open your Curve app, go to “My money” (bottom right), tap on “Balances” and connect your accounts!

How can I give feedback?

You can post your feedback in this thread. Please try to connect all your UK accounts and test the feature extensively. Would be great if you could tell us:

  • Which bank accounts you tried to add
  • Report any bank account you weren’t able to successfully connect/ encountered any issues
  • Overall experience connecting your bank accounts
  • How accurate was the data represented within the Balances tab

When reporting an issue, please:

  • Check whether it is already reported in the list below
  • Provide a screenshot and short description
  • Provide details on how we can reproduce it
  • Let us know which OS, device and app version you have installed

Reminder to please not share this out of the community. You are getting early access, and we don’t want to spoil the surprise for other curve customers.

Thanks all! Your feedback is essential for us to keep improving this feature!



Will post back once I’ve tried this baby out :baby: :baby_bottle:

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Do you have to log in every 90 days?

Hi! I didn’t see Metro bank or MBNA. Let me know if in the next update it will be or in the nearest future. With a AMX seems to connect but at one point it says expired!!??!!!

How dont see option?

Nothing is enabled

yeah every 90 you need to re-authorize.

Yep, the 90 days is part of the open banking spec I believe. Its used to prevent you authenticating once and apps keeping your data forever. For future versions we’ll update to remind you if a connection is going to expire soon (and you’ll be able to renew again at any point, that button is currently hidden on this build but hopefully back this week)


@adamh1989 can you confirm which version you have installed (under Acccount / Settings there should be a version + build number)

You might also need to kill and relaunch the app

So I linked my Monzo, absolutely fine and it used the app to authenticate me.

For Barclays and metro, i don’t use online banking so don’t know my details…

I’d also prefer to hide my Monzo pots.

Worked pretty well for me, most of the problems I experienced were with the banks authorisation flow instead of Curve itself…

Three small things:

  • I linked my Barclaycard and it appears it doesn’t have a proper icon
  • My AMEX account links don’t seem to use proper decimal formatting (£0.0 instead of £0.00)
  • Same as @Gabriel, AMEX shows as expired - maybe because I used the ‘scraping’ authenticator (American Express) instead of the Open Banking one (American Express UK)? Open Banking just tried to open the AMEX app and does nothing else…

The ability to ‘Nickname’ accounts wouldn’t go amiss instead of having ‘Credit Card XXX’ on some accounts…

Otherwise, I think this will be useful!


Same thing dont see my money category
3.5.22 (8342)

Hi, I use Lloyds Bank for all of my accounts, so I have linked them. The process was smooth. So easy. So no issues with doing this every 90 days as it linked between Lloyds Banking App, clicked the accounts I wanted to share and bobs your uncle, they appear in the Curve App. Now THIS is something that is handy for me, extremely useful. But what would also work better, is if the balance for each account was shown under the card on the ‘Wallet’ section? So where you have ‘spent this month’ can you not split that to show ‘account balance’ and then the other side showing ‘spent this month’ ? I feel this would work a lot better as well as in the ‘My Money’ section. Simply for the fact of this; stood at the till. Going to pay - “what card has the balance for this transaction?!” wham bam thank you maam, we can see on the ‘wallet’ screen and hit that card. Job done.


@JoshuaBoots showing your current balance in the wallet is definitely on our roadmap. We see showing balances in the My Money tab as a first step, but lots more features to build on once you have connected the underlying account!


Would never have doubted it! :slight_smile: small steps first - this is a game changer in my opinion! Thanks @Curve_Sam


Curve are on a roll at the moment. Loving the new features. I just want Curve Credit and I’ll be sorted.


hmm new version

ok cool, have you tried killing and relaunching the app? we are using a feature flag on this feature which defaults to false, and its only enabled for these builds so its possible you updated and we created the old tab bar based on default value but have since fetched the flag so the new tab bar will be used next time the app is launched (from a cold start, so kill it in the app switcher)

I’ve just tried to add my Revolut & Monzo and they both take me to a 404 upon verification.

how ya kill app