Curve 3.5.22 Beta for iOS | New Feature to Test - Balance

Good idea but it be good if balance was updated

@Kanee do you have Chrome set as your default browser?

With Open Banking (the standard generally not just Curve) when you add an account it adds for 90 days, you should be able to renew it any time during the 90 day period to extend, or re-add it if it expires. I don’t know about Curve specifically but other banks give you a (visually irritating) warning long before it expires.

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I sure do!

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I still don’t see the category (8359) (my money)

I found it in the end. It was at the bottom and says to search for another bank if is not in the list

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Close the app after update and you will see it

Nothing happens

It work fine for me with Revolut, outside of UK. The transition is smooth and it’s the correct amount

Already working for me on android. But doesn’t bring me any benefit since plaid does not support a single German bank. Why not go with a different open banking aggregator that supports more than 1 country?

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I think it’s only uk banks just now can’t see any for outside the uk I have bunq which is Netherlands based and aib, permanent TSB and KBC all based Ireland none supported only banks in UK of Great Britain and Northern Ireland

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I had the same problem linking my Amex with another service. I had to uninstall the Amex app to get the linking to work then install it again afterwards.

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This is an issue Plaid (our open banking provider) are aware of and will hopefully be rolling out a fix for today. In short the deep linking breaks when going via chrome

As a workaround you can either use Safari, or copy the 404 link, paste it in something like notes and then tap on it, you should be redirected to the curve app

In case anyone has the same issue, we are aware of an issue using Natwest where the webview they present isn’t responsive. This has been raised to Natwest so we’re hoping for a fix soon

As a workaround a force press on the continue button should allow you to open the natwest app

Hi @Curve_Sam,

Are you going to provide the necessary API for 3rd party apps and services to connect to Curve using Open Banking?


I don’t know the full details on how Open Banking works. But one of my accounts is showing a higher available balance on the Curve app to what Lloyds are saying? Been like that since yesterday…

@Oliverda good question, tbh I’m not sure what the answer is. For right now we are focused on the “consumer” side of things since we are not a bank in the open banking sense. What would you expect to see from curve if you connected curve to another app?

Additional opportunities for cashback: Recash

Very nice. I like this integration and think it has great potential! Perhaps being able to link the connected account to the card in your wallet to make it easier to make informed decisions when choosing a payment card. Also echoing what others have said, being able to customise names or even icons would be great, as at the moment my Monzo account, pots and joint account all just have the Monzo logo, and ‘Debit name’ But in terms of what’s available right now, the process was quick and simple so good job!

Hi everyone, we have just pushed a new build for iOS. Along with some bug and performance fixes we have enabled the option to renew a connection to reset the 90 day limit

The new build is 3.5.22 / 8519

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