Curve 3.7.4 (15345) Beta

We’re pushing out a new build 3.7.4 (15451)

iOS Curve 3.7.4 is now available for beta users. It’s a small and sweet update with most changes behind feature flags. As always keep an eye out for anything unusual, not that we expect it :stuck_out_tongue: however please reach out to us here.

We use Feature Flags, which means some of you might be able to access functions that aren’t listed above. They might disappear again while we work on them some more. :ghost:

For those looking for :watch: app updates, I’m sorry there won’t be a version for :watch: in this beta release. While this is an experimental feature and is not being actively developed / maintained right now, we hope to have a version ready for you in the next beta.

We appreciate all your help and feedback on bugs so we can deliver the best possible experience. Our product team is actively participating in this topic to incorporate your feedback.

When reporting a bug, please:

  1. Check whether it is already reported in the list below
  2. Provide a screenshot and short description
  3. Provide details on how we can reproduce it
  4. Let us know which OS, device and app version you have installed

Hi, I no longer have access to ‘Loyalty’ cards? As much as I prefer now having the smaller headings that I’ve cried out for for over a year, I don’t know how to now find the loyalty cards?

For me, the ‘Loyalty’ cards have also disappeared.

iPhone 12 mini - iOS 14.6 - Curve 3.7.4 (15345) Beta

Thanks @JoshuaBoots & @Markus for your feedback!

We have identified the issue and will get back to you.

In the meantime, you can perform a force quit of the app and relaunch.
We expect the tabs to appear on a relaunch and they shouldn’t disappear again.
This can act as a workaround for the beta build :raised_hands:

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They have reappeared with me.

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I like many other users had been unable to add my Curve Metal card to my Apple wallet, but after this last update I gave it another go and was added on my phone, ipad and watch wallet first time. I was amazed as the same day I had just received a message AGAIN from curve telling me they were still working on the problem and were hoping for a fix soon.
So some of you should give it another go, you never know!

We will shortly be distributing a new build 3.7.4 (15451) that’ll has has fixes for the loyalty cards issue.

Also if you’re upgrading to that build, take a read over this post:

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New feature: We’re changing how you log into Curve

New beta: Curve 3.7.5 (15735) iOS Beta