Curve 3DS not working in France? Online transactions refused


When trying to pay online with some French retailers (Intermarché, Oogarden, …), I don’t receive any 3D challenge (no validation code by SMS) and so, the transaction is immediately refused! I have to use a more usual bank card which supports 3D challenge.

Is that a general normal behaviour? Should Curve support 3D challenge now?

Curve support is investigating the ‘Intermarché’ trouble I had (no 3D challenge), but I now have the impression that it is a general problem. Is that already well known? Very anonying anyway.

No problem at all with e-retailers when no validation is needed (Amazon for example).

Thanks for your comments!


Well, apparently, Curve cannot be used online in France whenever 3D challenge is needed. Would other French people confirm this point? Too bad.

I am not from France…

In principle Curve does support 3DS:

But in that topic and in others there are reports of errors and/or Curve 3DS not functioning as it should be. Below one of them, with the most recent reaction by Curve.

However there also seem to be numerous people that are using Curve 3DS without any problems.

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Thanks @poeliev
An old story then … I hope that Curve support will find solutions quickly now.

3DS works flawlessly for me, used it many times already, last time 2days ago.

In France ? You confirm? So I can’t understand why I don’t receive any 3D challenge (SMS and code) on some e-sites such as Intermarché, Oogarden, … Have you tried Intermarché by chance? Thanks

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Hi there.

3DS works through the app for Curve. It won’t come as an SMS. You would normally receive a notification to click on and confirm the purchase. However, this only happens for purchases of 300€ or more. I believe this is the limit that Curve has set to trigger the notification. Someone correct me if I’m wrong please. In any case, the card is compatible with 3DS so even though you don’t receive a notification on smaller purchases, the online merchants should still recognize the 3DS compatibility and accept the transaction.

I have only had the problem you’re describing a couple of times in France when I was making a cash-like transaction. Top of for Lydia Cagnotte for example. It only accepted my French card. I assumed that was the fault of my underlying card refusing the cash like transaction, but perhaps not…

Ok thanks. So … there must be a bug somewhere as I cannot buy online whenever a 3D challenge is needed. I’ll wait for the support comments.

Also triggers me for <300€, whether 3DS is prompted or not is a combination of many factors (previous purchases, amount, IP address, risk factor of transaction,…)

Never used 3DS for a french merchant

Ok so … I thought you were answering my question about using the Curve card online in France at French retailers. That said, I have few reasons to buy at foreign merchants. Amazon does not require 3D challenge.

I’m Spanish but also facing 3DS not popping up
It’s a long term issue

Let me know if you have good news from them

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OK :wink:
Really annoying not to be able to pay online with our Curve card. Let us hope that Curve support will see to that very seriously and quickly now +++


Hello, I’ve the same problem with the floa bank card.

It is not a France-only issue. Tha same happens in Hungary, as well when online paying.

Yes indeed, thanks for you comment. Curve should really see to that problem, it is very annoying. And it is a clear limitation to the use of the Curve card.

so, it is not possible to use curve online? or there is some workaround?
tried different sites for the last 3 days, none of them worked out
though card works fine with offline purchases

Works fine for me when i am using to buy games

Very happy for you :smiley: Apparently, the problem occurs mainly with French e-sites. Only an hypothesis, I’m not an expert at all.

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Works perfectly here in the Czech Republic :czech_republic: - both online and POS terminal payments. :+1: Use my and my wife’s card on daily basis. :cowboy_hat_face: Very rare declines, don’t remember the last one…

Only sometimes declined online as foreign cards are not allowed with some merchants :roll_eyes: (still have got UK BIN Curve Card), but it’s a problem of those merchants, not Curve (or I could ask for CZ BIN Curve Card replacement :sleeping:).

Very happy for you :smiley: Here in France it sometimes do not work even with a French BIN Curve card.