Curve 3DS problem

I am trying to use the card online on a website that requires 3DS authentication before the payment completes. I get the notification that says tap here to approve the payment on my phone. The thing is when I click on the notification, I am asked to enter my fingerprint to unlock the Curve App but nothing happens after that. No screen to accept or reject the payment.

If I happen to have the app open, I actually don’t even get the notification that says tap here to accept or reject payment. Has anyone else seen similar issue?

Hi @Malik, Can you please tell me if this is Android or iOS?


Hi Emily,
This is on Android 10.

I don’t have any notification. Nothing happens.

I have the same Problem, when i do a small payment, the payment (10€) goes through, but a bigger ammount i get the 3D-Secure message from the retailer, sometimes i get a message from curve but after Opening Curve there is Nothing to accept, and sometimes there is not even a message that i can click. Is it possible to Change the 3D Secure to SMS, otherwise the Curve Card is useless to me because i cant use it.

Yeah today I tried around 5 times and did not get a single notification.

I had successfully confirmed 3DS only for 1 payment a couple of days ago, but since then I have been unable to confirm any further 3DS payment. This because either I don’t get the option to confirm payment after clicking the notification, or now I’m not receiving notifications at all. :man_facepalming:t5:

Same here, some days ago i had luck and confirmed one payment (after reinstall, several Logins and more) but this time, reinstall did not work, Fingerprint Login disable did not work. i have the latest Version too, but no luck at all… @emilychi i have the Android Version too (Android 10)

I have notified the Android team and they are looking into it. They should hopefully have a fix for you soon. :crossed_fingers:


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Thanks Emily.

One feedback item I would add is that payment confirmations should not be a notification only as they can be dismissed easily. Maybe it should be in timeline with status authorisation pending. And if authorised it gets added as a transaction, otherwise it is removed from timeline. At least then you are not relying on flaky notifications to do an important task.


Also happening on iOS haven’t been able to complete 1 transaction yet, as I don’t receive any notification in the curve app

Nor sure if it helps, but I noticed battery optimization being applied to the curve app really messed with these notifications and their functionality.

Disabling via:

Settings > Apps and notifications > Curve > Advanced > Battery optimization > Don’t optimize

Got everything going again, although I haven’t done enough transactions to confirm it is a definite fix to the issue.

Android 10 OnePlus 7 Pro


Yeah, I also added Curve to “dont optimize” (just in case).

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Thanks. But I don’t think battery optimisation is the issue here as I’m receiving all other payment notifications, just not 3DS notifications. E.g. I made 3 transactions in a row without opening the app. I made a payment which didn’t require 3DS and got a notification of payment from the Curve app. Then immediately I tried a second transaction which needed 3DS and there was no notification to confirm the payment, and then finally after that I made a third transaction which also didn’t need 3DS and got a notification of payment as normal. During all this time I hadn’t touched the phone.

When I had it set to ‘Intelligent Control’ I was getting exactly the same. Card purchases were being notified as normal, but 3DS payment notifications were problematic.

I have no concern about battery life, so I just leave optimization off for Curve, although if you are worried you can always turn it back on.

Thanks, I will try this now, turn off all battery optimisations for Curve app and then try a 3DS payment. :+1:t4:

Edit: I was able to receive the notification and confirm the payment after I turned off Battery Optimisation for Curve app. I will attempt another payment when I can to make sure it wasn’t a fluke. Thanks for the pointer!

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Yesterday I tried to pay in a web that applies a 3DS protocol by Redsys and no happened in curve app. The payment was rejected directly.

Your 3DS module does not work… :pensive:

+1 No notification received, opened app and there is nothing for me to accept or reject the transaction

Okay so I tried to make another payment today which needed 3DS and I again did not get a notifications. So it seems the Battery Optimisation setting hasn’t really helped in my situation.

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I have the same problem I can’t make a payment because of 3ds problems its been happening for at least a couple of weeks first it was the push notification wasn’t working when I clicked allow but now I don’t even get it
Needs to be sorted soon as I have payments to be made

On the 4th try the push notification came up and it has worked

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