Curve 3DS verification Issue, when ordering at Sainsbury's

For the last few weeks, every time I make or update my Sainsburys shopping click and collect order, on the checkout screen “Curve” asks to verify the purchase by opening the app (5 min window).
The mobile displays a Curve notification but clicking on it opens Curve but there is no message or anything to click to verify.
I have to go back to Sainsburys and ask Curve (07481 341619) to send a code via SMS and then key the code into the payment verification window.
Firstly, its annoying to have to do something when I order from Sainsburys weekly using Curve so why the verification for way less than £150.
Second the app option does not work and if mobile signal low, SMS can fail.

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I had the same issue last week when doing my Sainsbury’s shop - it would open the Curve App and then do nothing! This is probably the first and only time I have ever had the 3DS pop up when online shopping…

These 3DS issues have been on going for so long now I find it hard tell believe they’ve not been fixed yet.

This 3DS issue prevents to buy online on many French e-sites. A pity. Transactions are simply declined before receiving any notifications. The support is looking at that actually, I had some mails exchange with the support on this topic. But as I discover on this forum that this issue has been known for months or years in different countries and with different e-sites, I am not very optimistic. A main drawback of the Curve card unfortunately.

When you get the notification to verify the purchase, do not click on it straight away. Instead open the Curve app first, and then while the app is open, click on the notification. I have always had to do this and it always works for me this way.

I’ll try, but why?
Curve support suggested reinstalling the app (even though only updated 2 days before). For me is the same as the "all else fails switch the PC off and count to 10! "

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I don’t work for Curve and I can only guess that the flow must be broken in certain cases if you are not logged into the app already, so after clicking notification and login, the app does not take you to payment confirmation screen.

Opening the app first ensures you are logged in and first bit of authentication isn’t required. Clicking on the notification then takes you straight to the payment confirmation screen.

Thanks again, will try again soon.

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