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Hi All
I’ve been using my Curve while in Malaysia & it’s been brilliant, giving me exact exchange rates. I’ve locked my card when not using but been careful where I use it. Really happy.

However I went to an ATM yesterday to get cash & only realised after that it had done the conversion (at a poor rate) for me! I didn’t see any option on this & requested MYR on the screen.

Really disappointed. Has anyone got anyone got any tips for the future?

You should dispute this with Curve, who is your card issuer. You authorised Maybank to charge your card with MYR 500, but Maybank instead charged your card with GBP 97.12. It was a different currency and different amount from what you authorised. If you dispute the transaction, the onus is on Maybank to prove to Curve that you authorised GBP 97.12, rather than the MYR 500 that you did authorise. Don’t confuse the issue by mentioning exchange rates to Curve; it’s a simple case of the wrong amount and wrong currency.


I have experience the same problem

There was no help to get

Thanks for getting in touch. Unfortunately, Dynamic Currency Conversion on the payment terminal is not something that Curve has any control over. It’s the individual merchants that have this implemented on their payment terminals to give you the choice of which currency to pay in. You can set the currency of your payment cards in the Curve app but this won’t affect whether you’re given the choice of DCC at the payment terminal.

Thanks for getting back to us,

I’m afraid that this DCC Fee cannot be blocked on the Curve card as it is a fee implemented by the merchant.

When using your card outside of the UK, whether at an ATM or directly with a retailer, your withdrawal or spend amount may be presented in GBP, as well as the local currency. If this happens, we would recommend opting to withdraw or spend in the local currency.

When an ATM or retailer offers you the option to pay in GBP, they are using something known as Dynamic Currency Conversion (DCC). By using DCC, the ATM provider is able to use its own exchange rate to convert the amount of local currency you wish to withdraw into sterling. The screen you see will vary from one ATM or retailer to another, but typically you will be shown an amount in GBP and will be asked if you would like to “continue with conversion” or words to that effect. In almost all cases, choosing this option will be unfavourable and will cost you money.

If there’s anything else you would like our help with please do not hesitate to get in touch.

It is obvious that Curve, just like any other card issuer, has no control over whether a merchant charges a different amount and currency from what the card holder authorised, but Curve has a duty under MasterCard rules to handle any dispute and to require the merchant to supply evidence that the card holder authorised the amount that was charged. As I said, remove the focus from currency conversion, and be very insistent with Curve that this is about an unauthorised amount. Keep it simple.


It seems like the ATM used DCC to charge you, hence the bad rate. Did the ATM show the GBP amount on the screen at all? Was there an option to choose MYR instead of GBP?

I’ve encountered some ATM’s which trick you into accepting the DCC rate. In one ATM in Colombia, I had to choose to either Accept or Decline the DCC rate. I pressed Decline and it cancelled the transaction and returned my card. Here’s what the ATM screen looked like.

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Thanks everyone.

Although I don’t remember seeing an option about conversion, it was probably my error as I was in a hurry with a taxi waiting,
I didn’t realise they could do the conversion on the ATM, I thought you just withdrew local cash & it was up to your card issuer to do the conversion.

At least I know what to look for in future now

Appreciate all the advice

Btw, I don’t blame Curve, it’s been a real asset!

Not necessary your error

I didn’t get any message about the exchange

I learned, ask what the price, and look at the terminal
To make sure it local currency
And ask if necessary to see the terminal

And insist on local currency

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