Curve accepted transaction it should have denied


I am having this issue happening more and more lately and I would like to check with the community if this is happening to them also.

I have weekly limits and/or no balance on some of my underlying cards.
When I do a POS, online or ATM withdrawal Curve sometimes accepts the transaction even though the underlying card denied.

Then after denying the charge Curve then goes on to try to charge the underlying card again once every hour of the day on the minute.

Has this happened to anyone else?

When this happens, I email curve directly telling them to move the charge to another card - but I do not like having to do this. It is very tedious and sometimes it takes a long time for support to answer.

A better approach is to get a popup inside the app letting me choose which card to move the transaction to.

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Would be nice, if Curve could allow to store some kind of safety deposit, for example 50eur in curve cash. And if transactions fails due to problem with underlaying card it could auto-take/use that deposit to fund transaction.

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@barhom Here is a topic reporting something similar and a reply of a Curve employee:

Something like that can be voted for here:

Not exactly the same thing.
That post explains how curve declined but underlying card got accepted.

My issue is the opposite.

Curve transaction gets completed, I complete my purchase or ATM withdrawal yet my underlying card gets denied. I do not even see the transaction in the Curve app.

How I have read the post, I’ve linked to, Curve card is declined at the POS/ATM, but the transaction shows up as accepted in the app.

I assumed you also could see the transaction (as pending) in the Curve app.
But I agree it isn’t exactly the same, but

As just like in your case

Curve accepted transaction it should have denied.

:flushed: WoW, so you only see Curve trying to charge your card in the app of the underlying card and not in the Curve app itself?! Very peculiar, to say the least.

I agree this would be better than the current situation (though it might be complicated because the transaction is not even showing in the Curve app) and this should be the case if it happens quite often and can not be dealt with at the ‘front’.
But I would say it would be even better if this was properly dealt with at the ‘front’. So the transaction should always be declined (if possible with an explanation why), and one should select another underlying card and try again.
I know this already happens when selecting the Curve Cash card for a transaction, when it holds not enough balance. At least this is the behaviour for me, would get really ‘interesting’ if also for the Curve Cash Card the behaviour would be different for you.

Yeh, I got SMS from this particular bank. And every hour I get a SMS saying a transaction was declined.

The Curve app does not show the transaction nor does it give any kind of notification that it failed to charge your underlying card. The only way I’ve solved it is by emailing Curve telling them to manually move it to another card. It will show up in the app after they have moved it.

Curve has said that in certain conditions (what conditions?) Curve will accept a transaction BEFORE doing the charge on the underlying card.

This problem is very rare for Curve. I do not see them fixing it anytime soon.

What I’ve had happen (it seems to have stopped as of last week) is the underlying card authorizing the charge and Curve taking the money and immediately refund it, doing this every hour, as you describe. Sometimes only days after does this stop with Curve issuing a charge that they don’t then refund.

Curve shows the transaction as normal, only by consulting the underlying card can I see all the madness going on

I have set a limit of 150EUR on one of my underlying cards.

Last week i made a purchase with my curve card of 210EUR (while the underlying card with the limit of 150EUR was selected). Curve accepted the transaction, while on the underlying card it was denied.

The denied transaction was not shown in curve app, only in the app of my underlying card.

I changed the limit of my underlying card to 300EUR and 1h later, the purchase via curve was succesfully.

I think for security reasons, if i set a limit at an underlying card or have blocked this card totally, there should be no possibility for curve to made a succesful transaction

That’s a problem with the underlying card though, isn’t it? Curve is not aware of your underlying card limits

Correct. However curve should not blindly keep trying the underlying card once an hour.
The bug with curve is that

A) transaction does not show up in the curve app even though the transaction went through from curve (but not from underlying card)
B) they keep trying to charge every hour which underlying card security monitors will see as fraudulent if the same charge is tried 24x/day

It is not a problem of the underlaying card. I had set a card limit on my underlaying card, so the purchase (via curve) was (correctly) denied on this underlaying card.

But this purchase was not denied on the curve card, this is the problem.


Also, the fact that curve (incorrectly) accepted the charge you could not see the transaction in the curve app until you raised your underlying cards limit and the charge was successful an hour later.