Curve Ambassador programme

Did anyone else sign up for the Curve Ambassador programme?

I got accepted and was invited to have an online chat. The first appointment got rescheduled and my second one in mid-October went ahead.

After the call I was advised that an email would following within the next week with a questionnaire. The questionnaire arrived well over a week later and was all of about three or four questions - hardly worth it in all honesty.

Since then… nothing.

Curve was setting up a customer ambassador programme to help improve the service they offer. I’m thinking that their lack of effort with this programme is an accurate reflection to the lack of effort that appears to be put into their offering and customer support lately.

Any thoughts on this?


I applied and hadn’t heard since and guessing from your post, I didn’t make the cut if matters have been progressing (or in your case, not)

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Yeah it looks like I didn’t make the cut either. Ah well…

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Hey :grinning:

The Curve Brand Ambassador Programme is a really important part of plans to get to know our customers more intimately and build a better product, together.

We set out ambitious plans and we like to deliver a gold-standard in everything we do. However, following some changes to the Curve team, we are sadly unable to continue with the programme in the way that we had originally planned.

We’ll be taking a very short step backwards so we can manage the programme with a more solid plan in 2021.

We never wanted to disappoint anyone, especially after the time and valuable insight our ambassadors have kindly given us so far.

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I applied too and heard nothing.

Even a short “thanks but no thanks” email would have been a nice acknowledgement of your customers time. How long would it have taken to send that out?

Does the “changes to the Curve team” mean redundancies, or something less ominous?