Curve and binance card cashback

Hi, I combined my binance card with curve. Binance didn’t pay me cashback for the transactions via curve. Anyone with the same problem?

Hi, I do not use Binance but no problem for any other cashback card.

Is the transaction still pending or less than 3 days ?

And is it a transaction that get cashback (from Binance conditions)


Hi, Status is completed may have to wait for one more day. Thanks for your answer

So guys, did it end up rewarding you?

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Hey @mronikoyi, welcome to the Community! We’re eager to hear more info on this too in case this needs some investigation with our payments or engineering teams.

I always use my Binance card with Curve, and I receive cashback from Binance without any issue. It takes few days for Binance to show the cashback.