Curve and cashback retailers, contactless or not?

This post about cashback retailers and the way we pay.
Some retailers are franchises actually.
It seems that when you pay contactless, the franchise name could be the only name which appears. And so, no cashback …
To get cashback, you then have to pay ‘normally’ by inserting your card and typing in your four digits code. This way, the cash retailer name does appear.

Can someone confirm this point? I have read something similar in another post.

A pity nowadays when we would prefer pay contactles everywhere?

If apparently by paying contactless at one of your cashback retailers a different merchant name, not including the name of your chosen cashback retailer, appears on your receipt, then when paid by Pin and Chip you can always contact support (sending your receipt) and they will still apply the cashback.

I only need to do this once and the next time I go to the same (franchise) shop the cashback is applied automatically…but I have seen reports of customers that had to contact support every single time.

So it’s indeed true that if on your receipt the merchant name does not include the name of the cashback retailer the cashback is not applied automatically.

Myself have never seen that paying contactless or paying by pin and chip made any difference for the merchant name showing on my receipt. So what I am telling here from my own experience is in general (regardless of how I paid) when I paid at a (franchise) store not showing the matching cashback retailer name on my receipt.
So I can confirm the cashback not being applied when the merchant name on the receipt does not include the name of cashback retailer.
I can’t confirm that the merchant name on the receipt can differ depending on if you are paying contactless or by Pin&Chip.

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Hi @flyingdad,

I always buy in franchising stores and not always paying in Contact-less mode and the cashback works the same.

It can happen that at times, the merchant is written differently from the Curve retail. For example, for me in Italy, MediaWorld is called Media Market and in some places it is called Media Mrkt. I solve it, by contacting assistance and showing the receipt, they add the cashback.

Also, if you pay in cless or chip&pin, they shouldn’t change the merchant name on the receipt.

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No, I cannot confirm this. :deaf_man: I always receive cashback regardless whether I pay inserting the card to POS, contactless, via Google Pay or online. :moneybag: Only what matters is the name of the merchant :speech_balloon:, that’s how Curve recognizes merchants relevant for cashback. E.g. when I pay in “Tescoma”, Curve thinks it’s “Tesco”. :money_mouth_face:

As I put it, the name of the ‘cashback retailer’ does not necessary appear when paying contactless ; in that case, cashback cannot be automatic. Only the name of the franchise appears. Is it specific to France I don’t know?

Probably :man_shrugging: as it doesn’t happen here in CZ :czech_republic:, the name on the receipt is always the same regardless how you pay. :credit_card:

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I’ve seen dundee come up instead of cafe Nero you can’t do nothing about that a city instead of the name that’s the fault of the machine but highlights things are strange at times