Curve and Clubcard points

I’ve recently set up using Curve and have been trying to find a definitive answer on collecting club card points. I wonder if anyone can confirm that if I pay on my Tesco credit card through Curve, do I still get the same additional clubcard points as if I was spending directly to the Tesco credit card? Most of my points get racked up by buying fuel on my credit card so it would be good to know I’ll still get these if paying through Curve.
Thanks in advance!

So no bonus clubcard points.

@poeliev reply is absolutely correct :white_check_mark: (as always :grin:), but just to add more detail: in the Czech Republic :czech_republic:, there are two Tesco cards - one is just Clubcard loyalty card (not a payment card) :credit_card: that you always have to show to a cashier when making a purchase and the second one is a payment credit card :credit_card:. Thing are as follows:

  1. If I pay with Curve Card at Tesco and show Clubcard loyalty card to cashier, I receive 1 % Clubcard bonus (or 2 % when buying online at iTesco), another 1 % Curve cashback (as I have got Tesco selected as one of the retailers with cashback in Curve app) and another X % on my Visa Card that is selected as the underlying card in Curve app - all in just one transaction :money_mouth_face:
  2. If all is the same except Tesco credit card is selected as the underlying card in Curve app, I again receive 1 % Clubcard bonus, 1 % Curve cashback but no cashback on Tesco credit card

So if you want to receive cashback on your Tesco credit card, you have to use it directly and not via Curve. :money_with_wings:

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Hi anyone know if you use Curve with a Tesco debit card to pay bills (credit card, HMRC) if you get clubcard points. As normally using a Tesco debit card to pay them you won’t collect clubcard points?

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