Curve and issues with BankID/NemID

Hey. Recently all my Norwegian credit- and debit card providers started asking for bankID verification for every single online transaction and as a consequence, all my Curve transactions using any Norwegian credit card are being declined. How can you fix this or how do you plan to deal with that? If it can’t be fixed, it will make the Curve card pretty useless.

Have anyone had similar experiences either with bankID (Norwegian users) or similar experiences with similar solutions from other countries?

Not had any issues in the Netherlands, but not sure if we have something similar.
Is asking for BankID verification more or less the same as 3DS? Could you explain a little bit more?

How would this work with asking for verification for every single online transaction, if you would ‘automatically’ pay a monthly subscription directly with a Norwegian card? Would you need to verify with BankID each month? If the answer is yes, you might have a big problem using Curve with a Norwegian card. If the answer is no, it might help to readd your Norwegian cards to Curve with BankID and then next time you pay with Curve using a Norwegian card you might not be asked for BankID verification.

I am not familiar with Norwegian BankID verification so if the above does not make any sense, I apologize in advance. Just trying to help :wink:.


AFAIK BankID came before 3DS and is a older solution, but can be looked as an other form of 3DS. What happens when you make a transaction using the card directly is that you are sent from the merchant to a page where you digitally sign for the transaction. This is done with an electronic keyclicker given to you buy the bank. You input the code from the device and then give it your password and the transaction is accepted.

I can try to re-add the card, let’s see if it Curve let me keep my transaction history.

Thanks for your reply. Interesting. Banks in the Netherlands have something that is similar, but for Debit Cards. But since Debit Cards are Maestro in the Netherlands this will not give any issues with Curve (yet).

Any idea how BankID would work when paying each month ‘automatically’ by card for a subscription? Would you need to verify with BankID each month or only once at the start of the subscription?

The times I removed and readded a card my transaction history was still there.