Curve and Non EEA cards - Tax Authorities

Hi all. This might be a bit of an unusual question but I want to keep everything in order when it comes to all things tax !

I have a curve card as I live and work in the EU however I also have a Thai bank account with a visa debit card.

Now I have both my EU and Thai card linked to my Curve - I suppose my question is whether Curve reports the non EU/EEA card to my local tax authority as it’s not from the EEA or does it rely on my bank to report it under OCS/FACTA rules?

I have no doubt that my Thai bank is compliant with OCS as I have to send them a mountain of info every year for their Government rules but I’m just worried my tax authority will think that if Curve also reports it that I have -two- cards and a tax bill for something I don’t even have !

It’s probably a common enough issue but want to be sure.

Thanks all. :slight_smile:

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As far as I know Curve doesn’t report anything at all to local tax authorities. Curve isn’t a bank. For the Netherlands (where I live) I am even 100% sure Curve doesn’t report anything.


Thank you for the reply ! :slight_smile:

If this is the case it makes my life much easier as I won’t be double taxed on the one card. :slight_smile:

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