Curve and non supported pay at pump cards

Hi guys,

I’ve tried to search for this and whilst there are lots of topics on pay at pump I couldn’t see my question answered.

I currently use Revolut which doesn’t support pay at pump.
Curve apparently does, does this mean if I link my Revolut card to Curve I’ll be able to use it at pay at pump or will it still be rejected?


Does Revolut still not allow it? I found this.

Hi @dj0nes, welcome to the community!

I think you’d have to contact Revolut to confirm this. It is true we support pay at the pump, but we send through the MCC to the underlying card. If its the MCC they’re blocking, it’s unlikely you’ll be able to!

If you’d like your account confirmed for Pay at the pump transaction get in touch with us at :smiley:

Off the back of this, are Curve Cards now being accepted at pay at pump stations? Mine was forever declined at Tesco and BP and was told this was something in the pipeline to fix… Thanks.

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We are still working with several merchants for a fix, however there is no timeline for when this will be fully functional.

Thank you for your patience with us in the meantime. We’ll be sure to keep you updated! :+1:

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