Curve and (RED)

Hello. Has Curve ever considered partnering and donating 1% of all purchases/payments to non-profits like (RED) or organizations chosen by users?


Hey! Our Growth team has considered this sort of scheme on a number of occasions and it’s a fantastic idea, however, it’s not got past the drawing board as of yet.

Any charities/organisations, as well as RED, that you’d think would be good to pass onto the team?

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Why hasn’t the idea progressed from the drawing board? Not much point asking for more ideas if they aren’t likely to progress either…

Currently, it’s mainly due to that fact that we’re expanding on multiple fronts and as we’re not currently profitable and are running off of investments, it is difficult to allocate any funds to charitable causes.

We do believe that we have a role to play in this however, which is why we actively try and give back, for example during our recent charity fund raising for Theatre Support Fund+! More info can be found here: