Curve Anniversary!

It’s been 12 months since we launched out of Beta! Andy has recapped the year in his latest article:


Happy anniversary Curve. :champagne:

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Happy Anniversary and long life to Curve despite the little storm…Sunny days are coming back!
====> BTW, …Sunny days never left after all…:slight_smile:

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Happy Anniversary but can’t spot you in the pic, @Curve_Marie? :stuck_out_tongue:

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She is a workaholic, no time for pictures! :wink:

Happy Birthday, Curve!

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Haha I was wondering if she was the one behind the camera!

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Haha. The one day I do home office the whole team decided to do a group photo :joy: I have considered editing myself into the photo!


You so need to do that :smiley:

Found a new version!!! :stuck_out_tongue:


Hahaha - love it! Thank you for including me :smile: :tada:


You know the day job…?

(Hang on to it…:grin:)

@Curve_Marie BTW, are you really that Atomic Bomb Marie ? :slight_smile: or did you chose a random picture for your profile, being really a guy from the team? it’s a big mystery for us here…aha

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Happy non-Beta Anniversary… But having used curve since summer of 2016… feels like its been longer

Haha! Then it shall remain a mystery :smiley:

Yourself or Alison Pill? :wink: