Curve API (Open Banking)

Hi guys. Is there any development planned for Curve APIs to integrate with other apps?

Here is the problem I think many of us have:
If you are deep into finance tracking, you might actually find it difficult to use curve. Many of us are using apps such as Emma/Yolt/MD to track spend. However using Curve and Emma/Yolt/MD is only possible if the underlying card bank supports open banking. But if it does not you are basically loosing track of transactions.

You can argue that Curve should be your ‘Emma/Yolt/MD’. But managing spend in Curve is pointless, since it would never include your income or transfers from friends that are paid into your main account or such things as direct debits or Apple/Android pay transactions. Oh yeah, and we are all still using Amex…

Basically there is no way you can put all your spend on Curve and even it would be possible Curve cannot compete with apps designed to manage finances.

I would recommend to look into how PayPal is integrated into Emma. PP is working essentially the same way as Curve, by recharging your other cards. Each transaction done using PP has 2 legs - one charge transaction and one ‘top-up’ transaction, so that overall PP balance is not changed (unless you used PP balance for transaction). You would also have a corresponding charge transaction on your PP undelying account, which would basically offset the PP ‘top-up’ transaction. Emma then realises these 2 transactions are offsetting each other (PP top-up and PP underlying card charge) and you are basically left with PP charge transaction, which you can then categorise. This is exactly the way I’d like Curve to be integrated with Emma.

Will this allow Curve to grow or make more money? I am not sure. But this definitely aligns with Curve’s mission to simplify finances.

PS. Curve can also be a hub for transactions from other banks. If underlying bank doesnt have APIs, but Curve has, this can be another benefit of spending through Curve. I guess it is not relevant for the UK, since all banks would have to adhere to open banking regulation, but might be usefull for other markets (e.g. US)

It doesn’t look like any intergration is happening on Curve’s side any time soon. What’s more, they used to have a link to Xero software, but that was discontinued. It’s a shame, really, but that’s just the way it is. I suggested Curve to go further that way back in December, but got basically no replies. Look: Open Banking with Curve

If you have some technical knowledge, you might be interested in a little hack I made that lets you extract your own Curve data by scraping Curve Receipts: How to extract Curve data and make your own API (very nerdy content) I must admit, though, that it doesn’t work as a link to any of the commercially available platforms, rather something you could code yourself.

Thanks for the idea, @trofushka ! We are not currently planning on integrating with apps like Emma/Yolt/MD, but we have passed your ideas on to our team so they can have your thoughts in mind if they plan to integrate with other apps in the future :slightly_smiling_face:

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This is a great idea which I freely admit I don’t fully understand!

My simple suggestion would be could Curve just start a simple API for the Curve Cash account only? That would be something I would envisage linking to Money Dashboard to keep a tally on the balance and any transactions. I don’t need all the other accounts feeding in as I use the underlying bank connection for that.

At the moment I update the balance of Curve Cash in MD manually every month.