Curve API?

It would be great if Curve could allow us API access to let us customize how our card works.

This could be extremely powerful.

We could see that there’s a transaction from a certain merchant then allocate that to a specific card.

We could change merchant display names.

We could automate certain merchants being set to particular categories.

Perhaps you could even allow us to dynamically switch card currency based on incoming transactions? For instance if a payment in a supported currency comes in: my underlying card switches to that, alternatively it would charge me in my card’s base currency (GBP)

The possibilities aren’t endless but they aren’t far off :slight_smile: perhaps you could even allow us to categorize merchants that we know put authorization holds/holding for deposit and set the amount range that their deposits/authorizations are in and then allow us to prevent billing that unless they actually claim the money

Perhaps it’d also be possible to allow us to connect our own platforms to Curve? This way Curve could truly be your entire account in one

It would be great if you guys could consider this. You could even just limit it to metal customers and provide no hardware/software (besides a web socket based API and the documentation preferably as this will be relying on incoming data on a potentially continuous basis)

I personally would have no faults should Curve do this :slight_smile:

Also perhaps you could use this to allow us to change what we use for currency conversion? Personally I would use Transferwise rather than your current partner.

@Curve_Ivo @Curve_Marie :wink: If one of you could talk to your engineering/product about this - I’m sure at the very least they’ll think it could be cool to do.

Certainly would be a first and across all of Europe too definitely a winner for many people - I would personally upgrade to yearly metal and never stop redeeming. Especially as Curve is planning US expansion :slight_smile:

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