Curve app activates without double-tapping sidebutton (iOS)


I use an app with a QR-code to verify my bus ticket every day. Today is the first day after downloading the Curve app and setting it up, and when I went to scan the QR-code, the Curve app activated instead.

There is a bank terminal right next to the scanner, does the app register this somehow and activate automatically? I thought I had to click the side button twice to activate the app?
If that is the case: is it possible to disable this feature?

Thanks for your help.

Not sure, how this works on an iPhone, I am on Android, but to me it sounds like that in the settings of your iPhone the Curve app might be selected as the default app to be opened when a QR code is scanned.

Is this QR code also added as a loyalty card in your Curve app?

Sounds like this might be the Apple Wallet app opening with the Curve card selected by default. I’m not sure if you can stop the prompt appearing once you have configured a card, but you could try in the Wallet & Apple Pay section of Settings

The QR-code is from a separate app, and it is scanned by a reader in the bus. Right next to the reader is a terminal that supports contactless payments.

I don’t think it’s possible for me to add the QR-code to neither the Curve app or Apple Wallet.

I’ve tried adjusting some settings, it might well be Wallet that pops up. I was so flummoxed this morning when I attempted to scan my bus code that I swiped it away without looking particularly closely at it.

The settings were that I could double tap the side button to activate Wallet with my chosen card. I haven’t used Wallet much before, as my bank doesn’t support Apple Pay - so Curve is a workaround for me.

I’ll see if the settings I’ve changed make a difference when I take the bus home this afternoon.

Thanks so far.

The settings I changed had no effect.
I Googled it and it seems my bus ticket provider has had this issue for years.

It’s an Apple-issue, and according to my bus ticket provider’s website, the workaround is to enable Guided Access (triple-tapping the side button locks the screen on the current app until you triple-tap the side button again).

This should solve my issue. Thanks for your time and efforts anyway!

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