Curve App; "Chat with us" feature πŸ‘

I have just had my first experience using this feature!

Absolutely brilliant! My concern was sorted by a human :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: within minutes :grin:

A big thumbs up from meπŸ‘


Damn! I was hoping no one would post about it so we could continue to enjoy the relatively short queues lol

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why only a limited number of users have access to this feature?

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Hey @tygger, this support feature is still in a trial period which means that we can’t provide the service to all of our customers just yet. Due to this, we’re currently only offering the β€˜Chat with us’ feature to our premium tier customers until we can train more of our support team to have experience with the tool.

Whether the management team pursue wider use of the feature will depend on the feedback we get so it’s great to hear that you preferred the experience @Andysplash and we’ll make sure that the support managers know that it’s going down well! :tada: