Curve App Crashing on Curve Send Screen


I’m using an Android 10 device and I have just downloaded Curve update 2.12.13.

After installing the update I went to the send tab at the bottom of the app and I was asked to give permission to turn on contact sharing.

After I gave permission the screen blinked to what looked like the start of a contact page but before the page could populate with my contacts, the app closed itself and crashed.

I forced closed it and tried it again. Same thing happened. I cleared the app data cache and deleted all other data, logged in, went through first use process, allowed access to contacts and the app crashed again.

I can use other tabs fine, but as soon as I hit the Curve Send tab, the app closes.

I uninstalled the app and tried a fresh install with all app data cleared. Same thing happened. The app crashed on selecting the Curve Send tab and when I reopen the app, it takes me to the login screen.


I have the exact same issue with my Send tab since Beta but now on stable version too. I also have Android 10 device and Curve 2.12.13. Hopefully it can be fixed soon.

Pity you didn’t report it in this community during the Beta. :slightly_frowning_face:

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Yeah I should have noticed it sooner.

Same with my Android 6 powered Asus Zenfone Zoom

I select a contact which I want to send money to, type in amount and then it crashes.
Tried two different devices, but both with Android 5.1.

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Same here on Android 6.
It crashes after entering the amount and click on “NEXT”.

Since last update it is not crashing any more. :partying_face:

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Awesome, glad to hear it’s working for you!

Same, my issue with Android 10 and send payment to contacts is also fixed since the latest update.