Curve app hanging on logo screen

I really do not know what to do with this.
So, I have downloaded Samsung Pay and tried to add my Lloyds card.
It said I need to use Sanmsung Pay+ with Curve.
My card was accepted on the Samsung Pay app and it does work.
Today I have received my Samsung Pay Curve Card and the letter says to activate the card I need to download the curve app, log in, go to account and tap activate new card.
The first time i opened the curve app, it took me through the sign in process with the phone number and email address etc. It then came up with a screen saying complete your application.
I clicked complete application. This takes me back to samsung pay app.
I click on payment cards in the samsung pay app and it shows me 2 cards my bank card which says activate and my virtual samsung card.
If I click on activate my bank card, it asks for for my bank security code, then asks for my billing address.
After filling out billing address it says:
add this card using samsung pay+ - open curve app.
Click on open curve app but it just takes me back to the samsung app showing my bank card and my virtual card. It doesnt open the curve app.
Try to open the curve app manually, it just shows the curve app logo and doesnt open.
This is really a mess.
Can anyone help ?