Curve app keep sticking and freezing

Dear Curve just recently after I updated your app it now keeps sticking on a card and then curve app freezes. I have deleted the app and reinstalled with no success. Help.

Writing a mail in-app would be far more successful than writing in a general forum.

Unfortunately I can’t do that as app keeps crashing. I guess I’ll wait till Curve release an update for iOS app.

Just email support at imaginecurve dot com from your registered email address if your can’t access in-app. :slight_smile:

Same issue here. I am using the latest beta Amex app version on android and has started to crash from yesterday . Have emailed support still waiting. Until then no curve . Not sure if curve have denied my access

Had a reply from support, said other users reporting same issue, sent them similar screenshot to yours!

Thank you for keeping me informed and hope Curve update the app soon. Have a good Christmas and New Year.

DrPositive was

Thank you Edi for your update on this. Glad to know I’m not the only one.

Will keep posted if I manage to use my curve again.

New beta release this afternoon has fixed it for me.

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Luckly you I need to get back on the beta program. Normal app still keeps crashing :pensive::pensive:

You can reach customer support with direct messages on social media and via The forum is appropriate for crowdsourcing help from others who might experience the same issue as you or reporting a bug, however, if the issue is related to your personal card, account, or transactions, support have the expertise and system access to help you out.

If you’re on the beta program you won’t be able to use the normal app. You need to opt out by contacting customer support.

Hi Marie
Having problems 1st I couldn’t change the card in the app so messed about for a while without any joy, ended up deleting the beta app and have tried reinstalling the beta app and then the new app and I can’t get back into my account at all either way. Yes I have contacted support but nothing is happening. It must be a busy day but I would like my account/app back in working order. Please can someone help. Cheers