Curve app on two different devices. Possible?

As in title… is it possible to have Curve app active on two different devices (without one disabling the other) ??

Have somebody tested it? :thinking:

Hey there,

this is not possible.
I tried installing it on my iPhone and Samsung but it will logout the other phone once you login.


No, not possible. Vote for it here:


Not possible to have the app on multiple devices , but you can register your curve card in Apple Wallet on multiple devices.

Having app on multiple devices available is something simple to implement (many of my banking apps have this…) and it do INCREASE security, not lower it… it’s an error not enabling it for customers.

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99% of Italian banks ask you to certify your device… and that’s a great security factor! Using only one device for payment/banking apps is much safer :slight_smile:

No way. Having a token or a certified device does not mean you can use it only on ONE device…

Both Fineco & ING allow this and both use token/device certification…

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