Curve app stuck on splash screen

Curve app has stopped working on my phone…, after fingerprint Auth it’s just then stuck on the splash screen.

I have a network level DNS advertising/tracking blocker in place (have done for several years now). The block lists this uses are updated every day, and I suspect something that the app needs to access is possibly being blocked.

Can anyone provide a list of URL’s the Curve app needs to access in order to function ?

I can see one curve related URL request when I open the app. and then a number of known tracking sites directly after this which are all blocked…

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Ok, been a week since I posted this question and nothing… is there any useful activity on this community, or do people genuinely not care about how their personal data is collected and shared ???

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I dont have any dns blocking apps installed. Curve works as usual (3.12.0, android).

I think you’ll find most people aren’t bothering to check what data curve collects, me being one of the ignorant people, I’m surprised there’s no one else in the community that actively checks what personal data is being collected from Curve.

You might care to but I would be interested if you make a post about what it does collect and if you know general uses, as I’m looking at the like :thinking::exploding_head:would most definitely like to know more as to what they mean.

OK, got a replacement from one of my expiring cards, and now I can’t verify it, no doubt to the B*****t tracking sites that curve uses and I have blocked.

Very disappointing this, but after several years of using curve I’m ditching it, and just going back to carrying a couple more cards in my wallet.

This was a great concept, but execution has always been poor, and I’ve finally run out of patience.

Good luck to all those sticking with Curve.

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