Curve are censoring posts

Its definitely a concern - who knows how many more threads have been removed (@curve_marie - willing to share any stats?)!

My experience is you can get things sorted, but you do have to be patient, assertive, able to deal with missing funds for weeks at a time and in extremis make it clear to Curve that you will take the issue to the Financial Ombudsman Service.

In both issues I’ve had, Curve have eventually (inadvertently, I presume) resolved things in my favour, so its not all bad! It is more than likely other people have given up and lost out.

Like you, I now only use it for small transactions. I’ve also stopped recommending it to friends, because I don’t want to feel like I’m responsible for someone being in the position @melanieparker found herself in.

Edit - by ‘in my favour’ I want to clarify that I ended up getting more back than I had lost, as opposed to simply getting things refunded correctly so everything balanced.

It was made into a personal message. We ask you in the Code of Conduct to use the dedicated channels for customer support. There are several reasons for this:

  • We cannot discuss people’s transactions, personal cards, and account in a public space.
  • You’ll reach team members who have the expertise and system access to solve your issue
  • Securing your personally identifiable information
  • Customers who have already contacted us shouldn’t be penalised for not escalating their tickets on public forums

The Purpose of the Curve Community:

The Curve Community is where Curve customers unite to help Curve simplify their finances, so they can enjoy life’s rich experiences. Join us for monthly updates, sneak peeks, and learn how other community members make the most out of their Curve card and app. Make Curve even better by sharing your feedback on the current features, the upcoming features in Beta, and by sharing your ideas for the future!

We will keep being consistent with upholding the Code of Conduct and create personal messages out of topics that are about your transactions, personal cards, and account.

Let’s be clear here - these were not a cases of someone slapping in a support ticket, and whinging 10 minutes later because it has not been resolved.

But - if patient, reasonable people feel they are being ignored / unfairly treated on one channel, they will of course reach out on another - regardless of an attempt to prevent this by a policy.

Rather than censoring this, please be more transparent - publish your support target response/resolution times, and give us weekly/monthly numbers showing how you are doing with these targets. If people are frustrated with support response times / unhelpful responses, own that failure and tell us how you’ll do better.

The cat is out of the bag - your support sucks. Fix it, don’t make things worse by trying to cover it up.


Curve has a lot to improve in regards of communication. Maybe this subject is handled just by @Curve_Marie and even with the best intentions, she cannot do everything. But said this, I don’t have the feeling there is censorship against criticism.

Yesterday I posted a message clearly complaining about the refund process and tracking, with a screenshot an specific information in it, and not only it has not been deleted but also the feedback has been positive (let’s hope the work to fix it is also positive :sweat_smile: ).

Your criticism - ‘this works, could work better’ (especially when it’s something curve we’re clearly already working on) clearly has a lot less negative impact than ones that Curve have admitted to censoring, eg -

  • I’m down hundreds (thousands?) of pounds due to fraud, and Curve have ignored all efforts to claim under their customer protection policy

  • Those double double charges on Jan 23rd you said were all sorted - some of this was done wrongly. Rather than responding to my requests to fix this, Curve have ignored them for over a week.

So of course they chose to leave yours up, because they were able to respond constructively.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m glad your issue was resolved, and nobody claimed all critical posts were removed. But, please consider the position of other customers. Curve had admitted to removing posts, which are clearly critical of Curve, so while you may not have experienced censorship, it’s clearly is going on.

Edit - if anything, your post proves that Curve only use their ‘community policy’ to remove the posts they want censored!

You put far more information in your post than either of the removed threads - these only mentioned approximate amounts (and in my case a specific date) and they didn’t have screenshots / identify the underlying card type or the merchant involved!

Thanks for highlighting this.

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Wow, this is very concerning.

I feel like the censorship is so serious that I went from being “user of the month” to almost not contributing anymore to this community, as I don’t feel I have free speech here.

By the way, I made a backup of this thread, I hope I’m not going against some rule: