Curve are partnering with Plutus!

We can’t give away too much right now but watch this space for more details soon… :eyes:

What possibilities excite you about a Curve and Plutus partnership?


This is brilliant news - just saw it on Twitter too. I’ve been using Plutus for about a year now, and it’s a brilliant crypto card. It has some great features with its 3-5% cashback on all spend, and as the Curve tweet says, some great Reward perks coming too - their CEO (@DDhopn on Twitter) recently tweeted the first 5 Perk retailers of Netflix, Aldi, Amazon Prime, Uber & Deliveroo. So partnering this with Curve and it’s amazing product, with cashback, GBIT, insurnace, Lounge Key - it’s an exiting partnership! Don’t wait too long before giving us the details though!!


Hey - for Plutus I’m assuming. There’s currently no formal referral scheme as such, but I think the code PLEARN will get you a free card (normally £9.99).
I’m an ambassador & Discord Mod with Plutus, so will try not to shill too much here given it’s the Curve forums. But Plutus have some announcements coming this week with their new Roadmap, and the Curve Partnership will be part of their bigger Rewards 2.0 refresh of new perks. So if you’re interested do take a look. Their Discord is very good .

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That’s correct.

Recently I have received two referral codes in my mailbox sent by the Plutus team offering on top of the free card respectively $20 and $50 (Black Friday) in Pluton for new subscribers. But both codes are not valid anymore. If I receive something similar again I will post it here.


For anyone interested in more info on Plutus, they just announced their new Roadmap on Medium, with all their new features and perks - including the Curve Partnership:

Great news as I’m Plutus user as well! :clap::partying_face:


Yes, there’s some very exciting things in this roadmap!


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I do have a CDC card too - a Ruby one, and am getting free Spotify through that. However Curve are partnering with Plutus, so the integration and perks will be even better. Plutus also planning up to about 20 perks with retailers - so the CDC ones of Netflix, Spotify, Prime, but also Uber, Deliveroo, Aldi and many others. So while I do like, and have CDC (love a metal card too!), Plutus and Curve together is going to be an amazing product!

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Hopefully there is going to be some welcome bonus for existing Curve users who join Plutus.

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Yes I’m looking forward to hearing all the details of how it’s going to work and what sort of integration it’s going to be. I’ve got Curve Black atm, would like to get Metal - but waiting now to see if there is going to be a good offer or perk… if you take a look at the Plutus Roadmap link I put above, there is a section on the Curve Partnership in it

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It is not cashback - you get rewarded in the Pluton cryptocurrency (PLU) - and the “all spend” part is ONLY true if you hold 100 PLU, which would cost you nearly £800 at todays prices. Otherwise, rewards are limited to the first £250 spend each month.

Furthermore, the DEX (decentralised exchange) that Plutus previously used to allow customer to sell their PLU, has been shutdown since August due to FCA guidance.

Lastly, the Plutus ‘Perks’ scheme which governs the above, is in the process of being revamped. So this could change in the next few months.

Yes all true. However:

The DEX has only been closed in the UK, it is still active in EU, and it is due to return in the UK in an improved way later in 2022.

The cash back is indeed as PLU, but when the DEX returns (or now in EU) you can quickly transfer that to the card, with zero fees, to spend as “normal” £ or €.

And whilst it’s true about the cash back only being on the first £250 if you don’t stake due to cost, you can choose to keep the PLU you earn as cash back to save up for staking. I know that the team are also considering what the staking amounts will be under the new perks & rewards system due to the recent rise in PLU price.

The Perks are being revamped, and as shown in the link above are due to return in Q1 2022 with far better perks (Netflix subs, Prime subs, Aldi credit, Uber credit, Deliveroo Plus - and many more).

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It would take 8 years of 3% ‘cashback’ to acquire enough PLU, based on £250 spend per month at todays prices.


However under the new Rewards 2.0, GBP & EUR subscriptions are returning. You’ll be able to pay a monthly sub for Premium or Pro without the need to stake. Under the new system for example, a paid sub for Pro will give you 3% cashback on up to £22,500pm, and two perks (ie Netflix an Prime subs). You can then choose to stake for high cashback of up to 8%, and up to 6 Perks.

This showed up in Plutus app today morning :star_struck::

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Yes I got that when I logged in yesterday too! From what I understand from the Plutus Discord channel, this is just the first promotion with more to come. I think this one is aimed at new rather than existing Curve customers, although I think existing customers still get the extra 1% PLU cashback for a month. Think there’s plans for specific existing customer promotion and also the Plutus Roadmap lists “Curve Intergration” in Q2 2022.

My feedback on it (I am a CDC user and based in Austria / EU)

  • Signup is quick.
  • I am surprised about the KYC process - no proof of address, statement etc. I am sure my passport picture was “wonky” and account was just approved.
  • Plutus does not support “SEPA Instant” - so payments will take a few days from EU
  • None of the perks offered are much use to me personally (aside from Amazon but here you would also need to stake 350PLU to get 3,5% back)

Staking requirements:

I think that at the moment there is less of an incentive going with Plutus compared to other similar offerings (not just CDC, but also Binance or Coinbase for example).

The iOS app is fairly basic - no support for TouchID / FaceID. I am not sure how a new user would know how to create a wallet in app.

The lack of a referral feature and the current benefits will surely make it difficult to make Plutus take off.

Right now I would see no benefit to convince anyone to switch to Plutus - just the EU restrictions with regards to payments are a big barrier.

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I (living in the Netherlands) transferred money from my Revolut account (which I can top up immediately from any Dutch bank account or with a debit/credit card) to my Plutus IBAN and it arrived within a couple of minutes.

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Question is: Are you trading from an UK account or outside of the UK? Perhaps I am still “flagged” as new account. I did a “SEPA Instant” transfer from my Austrian Bank, and I am sure that this IBAN is not supported to receive instant transfers outside of the UK

(In comparison the same transfer to a CDC account with IBAN “LT…:” arrived 20 minutes later - I did both minutes apart)