Curve are partnering with Plutus!

Here’s a link to a guide on their website:

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Is Plutus app secure? Is this app a non custodial wallet?

Cause, if it is a custodial wallet, there is a chance that you are giving to Plutus your coins.
Infact, If you want to connect your wallet to the Plutus app, the Plutus app asks you your twelve words of the seed of your wallet. Someone said “Not your keys not your coins…”.

Can someone enlight me?

It has got 2 halves - the PLU you buy on Plutus DEX go to your connected non-custodial MetaMask wallet :euro:, and the PLU you earn as cashback :money_mouth_face: go to your custodial account with Plutus (from where you can use earned PLU to top up your Plutus card :credit_card:). Both the halves count towards your PLU stake. :moneybag:

Yes, you’re true, it’s unfortunate that if you want to connect your MetaMask wallet to Plutus mobile app :iphone:, you have to provide Plutus your secret seed :shushing_face::closed_lock_with_key:. I don’t like it too… :thinking: It’s not the case of desktop interface though, so you can use it that way. :computer:

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Yes, this is true re: the Mobile app about entering the phase. On a recent AMA with the CEO this was mentioned and he said that the code is never sent to the Plutus servers or stored on them in any way, its just used to make a the link and note stored. I’m not entirely sure how this works tbh, but that’s what he said. It was also mentioned that an upcoming upgrade of the app will have a better way of linking your wallet than needing to use the code.

Also you can use Ledger wallets - you link your Ledger to MetaMask, and then MM to the web interface. So it is very secure and definitely non-custodial (aside from the cashback rewards until with you withdraw them to your wallet).