Curve are partnering with Plutus!

You can swap it to fiat and then spend it with your Plutus card (or Curve card with underlying Plutus card selected). :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes::money_mouth_face:

*if you don’t live in the UK and have access to DEX, or are willing to accrue enough PLU to reach the withdrawal minimum and pay the associated fees.

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For once it’s being in UK that get disadvantage (no rewards, no balance outside UK).
It should change once FCA validate plutus though.

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Plutus wont last they will slash there rewards just like did


Maybe provide a bit of explanations because Plutus has nothing in common with CDC outside the cashback card


The past couple Curve/Plutus ads have been misleading and breach ASA rules. It’s against ASA’s rulings to advertise a product at a price that is inclusive of cashback.

Consumers are likely to expect to be able to purchase a product at the headline price stated in an ad, without having to:

  • pay extra if they do not meet the terms and conditions of a promotional offer (to which they may not be eligible) or;
  • claim cashback after purchase that they won’t receive until sometime later.

If this expectation isn’t met, then they’re likely to have been misled materially.

See here: What you see is what you get – headline prices and cashback or trade-in promotions - ASA | CAP

Ads/marketing in question:

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Horrible :face_with_monocle: :face_with_diagonal_mouth:

Never knows . Always need the clear statement rule is a guideline.

find something :arrow_down:

My account is being closed due to abuse of the rewards system : plutus (

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