Curve ATM withdrawal with debit and credit cards

Hi there,

As a new Curve user I am a bit confused on what the benefit of the card actually is. :slight_smile:

So if i use a credit card that has foreign fees in EU, i have to pay fees. If i use Curve with that credit card, no fees, the credit card company thinks its a domestic transaction in GBP, correct?

Then how does the ATM withdrawal work? lets say i take 100 eur or gbp with my curve card. Does the credit card company know its an ATM withdrawal and there will be fees and interest? or will that be registered by the credit card as a normal purchase transaction, without the limitations of getting cash with a credit card?

What about the credit limit? Curve says i can only spend 5000 a month, but my credit cards have a higher credit limit. Is Curve basically begging me not to use it?