Curve - Bank didnt respond error on POS

Have been using Curve for few weeks, and it has been working smoothly.

However today i went to some grocery shopping, tried to pay w Curve, and it took forever, and finally an error Bank didnt respond and after 2nd attempt Card issuer declined.

Thank god i had the original card linked to Curve with me, and it worked like a charm. Cashier also said that they dont have any issues atm w card payments.

My question is, are these things happening often w Curve? My guess is that this was just a temp. error somewhere along the lines, but still worries me if i need to carry my “real” cards with me anyway, Curve looses its advantage on that point.

Hello @jakanfinne, welcome to the community and happy Easter! :hatching_chick:

It may happen that sometimes the communication between Curve and the merchant’s POS goes into “Time Out”, taking a long time to communicate and for this reason, received a “Rejected Transaction”. If you make a second payment, it should work. However, these errors are infrequent, but they can happen.

Curve recommends that you always carry a backup card with you.


Thanks for the clarification, in this case the 2nd time didnt work either, and to avoid more embarrasement i used my backup card :slight_smile:

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