Curve begins testing Curve Credit

still no information about curve credit…

How Curve Credit will set the gold standard in responsible borrowing and lending

What’s the latest in this. I ask because I see PayPal has just introduced a new split payment feature. I’m not really sure how it differs from the existing PayPal credit but interesting to note the idea has traction in the market.

It’s a shame this has been implemented yet, with the run up to Christmas I am sure this would’ve been the perfect time for customers to use/try this out!! Over to Klarna it is then…

I have just received that via email. I guess very soon it will be rolled out to personal accounts too.

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Closer how do we test?

How we test curve credit as beta tester?

If you not a business user then you can’t, not yet anyway.

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whats difference business account i am on like number 1 on queue?

You are not a business user as you don’t have a business account with Curve. You have a personal account with Curve. Curve are testing Curve Credit with business users first.

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any news about curve credit for rest clients?

Maybe in 6 months preferably only if you live within UK. :joy:

I don’t want to be a fun snatcher but before starting new things they should really fix their core product. It has bugs all over


Absolutely @Bionicecho

I’ve said that multiple times but apparently they don’t listen well, to their customers!

There’s bugs everywhere and the time they take to fix them is outrageous, not even mentioning the time customer support takes to reply to your messages, which is even worse unfortunately!

is curve credit introduced?

How we check queue should be 1st

On this page click ‘Track Position’.

You’re number 2 in line!

Want to move up the queue? Refer your friends and we’ll bump you up 10 places for every friend that signs up. The more friends that join, the earlier you’ll get access.

Curve Credit (Beta) currently only available for Metal Customers?

Well, it says Beta there. Makes sense to test something this risky on your more attached customers.