Curve begins testing Curve Credit

I’m a Curve Black user and it’s popped up for me in-app too.

And the message/disclaimer didn’t ask you to upgrade to Metal (as in the message/disclaimer in the screenshot)?

Ah yes it did. I read it as it was only showing up for Curve Metal customers, apologies!

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Beta for metal … tragic

I only have the curve blue and I’ve got curve credit showing .

@Danhooper, with or without the disclaimer (about upgrading to Metal) showing?

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So the waiting list (wannabe) is useless ?

I don’t recall seeing that when I applied to be honest, I’ve been accepted and I’m still on the blue card.

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So you have Curve credit showing in the app and you are currently using Curve Credit (as a Curve Blue customer)?

Do you have a personal or a business Curve card?

Yep, curve blue and have active credit and a credit limit(not used any yet) . I only hold a personal account and not a business account.


Hey everyone, good news! Curve Credit (Beta) is available to all invited users including Blue and Black Tier customers- there is no requirement to upgrade to Metal to use Curve Credit (Beta).

Thanks for pointing this out, the in-app copy is being updated as we speak! This is exactly the kind of feedback we are looking for. We are looking forward to even more of your feedback.


It’s a shame that this comes just at a time my account is completely bugged and unaccessible, as I was looking forward to testing this. Hopefully it gets fixed soon :slight_smile:

I still see nothing on my end.

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My account seems fixed now, yay. However, I don’t see anything for credit either.

Maybe/probably you are not an invited user. :point_down:t2:

Do Investor Beta Testers have any priority on the waiting list? :wink:

Computer :desktop_computer::man_technologist:says… only waiting list is the original one for this.

I was on initial list when it was first announced, I remember being the 60th or so. Should I expect to see the option yet?