Curve begins testing Curve Credit

I mean, they haven’t said it’s UK-only at this point, where they have at some other times. However, knowing Curve it wouldn’t surprise me in the slightest, even if it’d still disappoint me like every other time.

It’s indeed a really bad look me paying for a Metal subscription for (roughly) the same price than our UK peers and getting less features out of the deal. Maybe the bad part here is me still being willing to do so, which is getting harder to justify every time.

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Got an unexpected invite for this yesterday and really looking forward to testing it out

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I’ve got curve credit, I don’t really need it, but wanted to test it, however, every time I try to swipe for credit it says “not eligible for credit”.

Underlying card is euros debit card.

Anyone know why it won’t work?

I have been accepted to try out Curve Credit (Beta) but I have a few things that are not clear to me.

  1. I have checked out the transaction I have chosen to pay with Curve credit (Refund to original card went through quickly) but I only see options for the monthly repayments. No option to make an early or additional payment. What if I want to pay it off soon so that I use the revolving credit again, what do I do?

  2. If the chosen card for repayments is a credit card, will the repayments for my instalments be considered as cash transactions by card issuers or they will be like normal purchases?

  3. Will Curve credit be reporting to Credit reference agencies? If yes, which ones?

Hoping to have those few things made clearer for me. @Hannah ?


Hey @Daddykay, I can answers these for you:

Right now we only support scheduled repayments through the app or repayment in full if you get in touch with our support team. We plan to have overpayment options further down the line.

Credit Card issuers should treat repayments as purchases rather than cash but this may depend on your specific provider. I’d recommend that you check with your provider directly to be sure.

We will report to credit reference agencies specifically Equifax.

You should be able to find some FAQ’s either in your Curve app or sent to your email that answers these and other questions about Curve Credit too :blush:


Thank you very much for this information.


I have also been accepted to the Curve Credit (Beta) and have two questions:

a) I saw the Credit Beta T&C when signing up to the beta but now I am on it - where can I find theT&C again?

b) Can you confirm that Section 75 protection now applies for UK customers who put transactions on Curve Credit?

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I’m curious how many people registered has acces to curve credit? I applied long time ago and nothing came up :(( and I’m an investor and metal subscriber and :(((

Months, years that’s why I have decided to make a downgrade to blue from metal.
It’s too slow with new products aiming only UK market… and in pandemic metal is useless.
I’m tired of waiting this waiting that.

Loving Curve Credit so far! I can think of so many places it will be useful (e.g. Swapping my monthly Amazon Prime subscription into 12 interest free lower payments).

Does anyone know if it will always be 0%?

It looks like transactions below £10 are not eligible (on my side)

I meant swapping to an annual payment, then paying that off monthly using Curve Credit

I think if you get it at 0%, it can’t be changed mid term.

Interesting ok. If I’ve one criticism it’s that I can’t pay it off early.

Hi @gt94sss2,

T&C’s were included in your original invite so you should be able to find them in your email inbox.

Currently you are not covered by Section 75 on Curve Credit transactions. However, you are still covered with Curve Customer Protection - What's Curve Customer Protection? – Curve

Hi @Hannah

Thanks for your reply.

I can’t speak for others but the T&C were not included in my original invite to Curve Credit or the email saying I had been accepted?

Can you explain why Section 75 doesn’t apply to Curve Credit as I believe any credit agreement will be regulated by the Consumer Credit Act 1974?