Curve Beta - Design?

In the upcoming beta developments, is there going to be an app redesign? I have so many ideas on how to make it more user friendly/attractive.

Do other users have any design ideas that would make the use of the iOS app better?

as I show my friends this app, I would like to “hide” my spends as showing personal information does scare people off.

rather the show the value just show £****

also a QR code to download the app from the app, as ideally tag the referer for the 5 quid referal



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oh any my misses was a iwatch app to …see the last spends

Do you mean hiding details like N26 discret mode in their app? Or hiding info at all?

Discreet mode lets you view your account and manage transactions as normal, while blurring out sensitive data like balance totals and transaction amounts, making it ideal for situations when someone might be looking over your shoulder

.It’s a simple but useful idea that every app elsewhere should have by default.

yes that’s it -


Duncan Mills


Agreed. Emma app also has this functionality. Think it’s called ‘scramble’. Basically so you can show off the app and functionality to friends without worrying about them seeing every detail of your finances.