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when new beta apk will be introduced i mean with p2p… i am now in beta but i do not get new android apk

śr., 28 sie 2019, 16:43 użytkownik Marie via Curve Community napisał:

I have applied for beta since more than one week but I cannot access to Play Store beta yet. I don’t know if I need to do something else

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same here. I think Curve sometimes takes more than a week to update their Beta users. It’s not the first time this happens

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I signed up almost 2 weeks ago now but I still can’t download the beta app. Two Wednesdays have gone by.

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I’ve been a beta tester for about a week now and unsubscribed yesterday. The Beta App and services are unfortunately way to buggy for me to be part of. Even basic functionality is buggy and I rely on the card too much I’m afraid.

Please double check the information you’ve submitted via the signup form. You can to this by clicking “update your preferences” in the welcome email “Welcome to Curve’s Beta Programme”.

Issues we’ve seen are:

  • not adding the gmail address when using an Android device
  • not adding "" to the email address when using an Android device
  • not being signed into the Google Account on the device that’s being used

We’d love to get your feedback on what happened. Could you please tell us in the topic that matches your operating system? Bug Report - Android 2.11.1 (21101) or Bug Report - iOS 3.1.3 (323)

This was the problem. My phone has auto filled this field with my phone number instead. Thank you!

Do I have to wait until next Wednesday again?

Hi @Curve_Marie, I used the same email address (non-gmail) to sign up for the Android beta + sign up on the forum, still I’m not marked as a Beta user on the forum.

You should use the email address you have logged in to Google in your Android device

If not, you cannot get the beta version in the play store

@g_glnx: I already have the Beta version of the app on my device.

I’m talking about the “Curve Beta Tester” indicator in the Curve Community Forum.

Ah ok, sorry, I missed your point. I was mainly thinking on the very common issue with gmail accounts as @Curve_Marie pointed out

You should get the invitation to beta group as part of beta enrolling. If not, I guess you can also try to request it yourself. Are you able to enter group page?


Thanks for pointing me to the Beta group! I have requested access to the group.

Time to wait…

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Glad it worked out :smiley: Yes, you’ll be added to the Beta this upcoming Wednesday.

Found you, welcome to the Beta group :smile::tada:

2 weeks and I’m still not having access to google Play Beta. Do you accept G-Suite accounts? (It’s the one that I use for my Play Store and I didn’t have problems before)

I think when I signed up it took a few minutes to set up, I had an app update quite quickly. No idea about g-suite though sorry.

If it’s the same account that’s connected to your Android device it should work. Please do double-check the details you’ve submitted via the signup form.

I submitted the form last Wednesday just after 14:00 and I received the confirmation email. I then realised I had to wait for a week.

Now we are well after 14:00 and it is Wednesday. The Google Play link still reports that my account is not registered for the beta. Any help on this please?

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Same problem, it’s been 3 weeks now and I have already checked the details I submitted.

I did the signup last Tuesday (10/09), yet I cannot access the Beta app. I verified my details again and everything is correct.

If you’re not able to access it by tomorrow morning, please send an email to @LegendaryAced @alex.1137ferreira @BInv

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